Cuisinart   CPT-140 Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-140 Toaster

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I like this 4 slot toaster because I can make both my antsy kids 2 pieces of toast at the same time and its quick and mess free.

I mean, it's a toaster Wish the bread slots were a little longer, but otherwise it's a wonderful product! Lots of different settings and allows me to toast for my family much faster

I love our 4-slice Cuisinart toaster, it is fantastic.

This was a great toaster to get. Upgrading from a 2 slot to a 4 slot toaster was great, but upgrading the brand i had previous to this one made it even better! It toasts perfectly and the openings are big enough for bagels or texas cut toast.

I've had the Cuisinart CPT-140 Toaster for over a year and it's STILL as excellent as the first time I used it! i love the wide slots and the ease of control as far as how ''toasty'' I want my bread. The bagels are always fully toasted with no burns or ''half toasted'' markings; Overall it's the consistency that makes the perfect toaster - fancy buttons and decor means nothing if you can't get an evenly toasted piece of bread! That one I had to learn the hard way! I recommend the Cuisinart CPT-140 Toaster 100% !

I've had this Cuisinart 4 slot toaster for couple months now. And I really appreciate the quality that this toaster has. It toasts evenly without burning the edges of your bread or bagels. The slots are large and wide enough to toast bagel halves without burning around the edges. It also features adjustable temperature. It has a temperature knob on each side that allows you to control the temperature separately. That way you can toast two slices of bread light brown on one side and two slices of bread dark brown on the other. The Cuisinart 4 slot toaster also features 4 function buttons (bagels, defrost, reheat and cancel) on the side that allows you to choose depending on your preference and needs. The toaster is very stylish and it fit easy with any kitchen style. It is not big and bulky. It is available in black and white. I bought the white one and it goes really well with my chrome color appliances. And it is also durable and well designed. It is easy to clean with two removable trays that slides out in the back of the toaster. This feature allows you to empty the accumulated crumbs. I really like this toaster because of his performance and quality. I definitely would recommend Cuisinart 4 slot toaster.