Crystal Geyser Sparkling Mineral Water

Crystal Geyser Sparkling Mineral Water

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I was not impressed by this drink at all. All you could taste was the seltzer and overall it had no redeeming qualities beyond being wet if you're super thirsty.

I buy this water all the time I am obsessed with mineral water. My husband thinks it is disgusting but I think it is refreshing. They have a few different flavors like raspberry, orange, lemon, lime and berry. I hate drinking regular water I always have but with sparkling mineral water the fizz and light flavor greatly helps my water consumption. The taste of this water is not for everyone but I love it. If you are having a hard time consuming water but like fizz and things that are not overly sweet I would say to give this water a try.

I've been drinking mineral water since I was 3. My mom told us it was soda. Haha, good way to trick your kids into something refreshing and calorie free. The lemon flavor is the best!

Love this stuff! Favorite flavors are berry and orange. Great on their own or as a mixer with vodka. Stays fresh for a while too!

I thought this was very good - I tried the essense of orange and the essense of lemon. I liked both - a fabulous zero calorie beverage. Both were very refreshing and price, $1.29 at my store, was right in line.

What a great refreshing drink. My favorite alternative when trying not to dring soda. This product come in an unflavored, and flavored (essence of orange, lemmon, lime, or berry). It is not sweetened and has no calories & very low sodium.