Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

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Great long-lasting plain deodorant I was allergic to a lot of other deodorants. This is great because I never have any sort of reaction. A little bit of a pain to put on (compared to other stick/roll-on types), but nice to never break out!! Had mine for over a year now. Lasts forever

Not worth the money I have been using this deodorant for a few years now and sadly it does not really do the job it should. It is extremely messy and leaves salt residue everywhere so be careful when applying this product. You need to wet the deodorant stick in order to use it and you need enough water so the stick is moist or it hurts your arms if applied dry. When using the deodorant, it leaves reside that is hard to clean up and stains your counters if not careful. It is expensive and claims to last a year, but mine does not last a year.

My deodorant of choice. Always. This is the only deodorant I've used for more than 20 years. It's clean and doesn't affect your clothes. While I don't sweat a lot, this really does the job for me. And I mostly love that it's natural. Oh, plus lasts a really long time!

My kind of deodorant, I'm health conscious, once i found this crystal deodorant i never bought another brand as this one prevents breast cancer because its an all natural product. Some weeks it doesn't work as well as others as my body's PH changes due to gotta love her... Aunt Flo.

I've always had a hard time finding deoderant that I can use. I'm allergic to alot of ingredients and break out easily. When I tried this, I didn't break out

I was a little skeptical about trying this product, but it does work! Only caution is that you have to apply this wet and if the deodorant drips on any surface, it leaves a "salt" like residue that stains if you don't clean it up immediately! Other than that, I highly recommend!

I used this for awhile because it is better for your body because it does not have chemicals that can cause cancer. First of all you have to wet the crystal before you apply and then when you apply it can be messy. It did not keep me dry all day long.

Have used this for years. So much better for you than the man made gunk.

I bought this two months ago at a drugstore because I wanted to try something different.and was pleasantly surprised. I was tired of the white lines on my clothing and the greasy feel under my armpits. I gave up spray deodorant years ago because I grew tired of gagging and running out of the room from it! This stuff really keeps me dry! I mean really dry! I had to lift my arm and stare at my armpit because I wasn't sweating. I was wondering what was going on! No funky smell. I run a little water over the stick before applying it and it eventually dries sealing in any perspiration. The best time to apply is right after a shower when your skin is still moist. I also like the fact that there's no cancer causing aluminum chlorohydrate in it! It is fragrance and paraben free and lasts a long time. It is all natural and made of mineral salts and is safe for the environment. This is what I'll be using from now on.