Crocs Classic

Crocs Classic

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Crocs are the best for home, altoough they are not so fashionable they are really comfortable and great for errands and home.

I love my crocs for around the home. I can go outside to take trash out withoUT my feet getting wet or dirty. I wish they were a little more fashionable, I'd wear them for work if they were!

We shouldn't be embarrassing our kids or ourselves by wearing these.

I have several pairs of crocs and they are so comfortable. I mostly wear them around the house and quick errands because they aren't exactly stylish. I love that they are so easy to clean so I don't have to worry about stepping in mud when making my way along the side of the house and that they can be worn with or without the strap around the heel.

I like them a lot. I have had many pairs for myself. I like them for the little ones too. They are easy to put on, easy to keep clean. Very comfortable. Very low maintenance.

I'm on my feet all day, these feel so go after a long day of work.

Love them AT HOME. They are like my slippers. And I can wear them outside if I need to run & check the mail or gardening. This is the first thing i put on my tired feet when i get off work, but will not wear them in public. They don't do much for fashion, but like someone else said, comfort rules!

Ok I think these shoes are very ugly , but they are so comfortable. I had to do alot of walking on concrete and my feet were pounding at the end of the day. I bought these crocs and put a end to soar pounding feet, they just didn't hurt anymore. I do recommend wearing your other shoes also because trying to go back to your dress shoes or even tennis shoes felt very uncomfortable because my feet had gotten so used to complete comfort. I only wear the crocs around the house now.

I love my crocs! I work in a hospital and these are so comfortable. I have an older pair I wear outside all summer long. Feet wet? Not a problem!

Unfortunately with my feet problems I need more cush..I love my croc's but cannot were them for long term..great for the yard.

I know they might not be the most fashionable but for a Pregnant woman Crocs rock. They are so easy to get on and off and are so comfortable as your feet get wider. I noticed that Cros have also come out with some spring colors that will get you into fashion.

My daughter is a nurse and wears Croc's to work her 12 hr shifts. When she started I purchased expensive nursing shoes for her to wear due to being on her feet that long. It didn't take long for her to go back to her Croc's that she wears allday everyday. She loves the easy access and comfort of the shoe.

These shoes are comfy for short-term wear only. I have worn them at work (standing for the better part of 8-12 hour shifts) and they do not provide support and comfort necessary. For a short jaunt out, or around the house, they are just fine. If you wear them too much, however, you could end up with sore heels and/or soles.

Honestly these are the ugliest shoes on the mother in law who is a nurse swears by them I bellieve she has every color so they must be comfy

My son loves his camo crocs!! He wears them as house shoes in the winter and to keep his feet cool in the summer when not at work.