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  • samanthalynn775 By  samanthalynn775    


    I really enjoy using this mouthwash. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean for hours! I highly recommend.

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  • Crystalann314 By  Crystalann314    

    A+ for flavor. This mouthwash also didn't burn my mouth, which was great. The directions for use were easy enough. I used it morning and night and my mouth and teeth felt clean after each use. There was one weird thing I noticed. When I would spit out the mouthwash there was a lot of blue chunks of "stuff"...I'm pretty sure it was dead tissue from the inside of my mouth which will slough off if I use certain toothpastes because I'm sensitive to something, I just don't know the culprit yet. It was just odd to see it neon blue. Other than that I really did enjoy this mouthwash.

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  • drosenheck By  drosenheck    


    My dentist recommended this when I had deep pockets in my gums. He recommend that I use this after each brushing. My teeth did feel a lot cleaner and my breath stayed fresh. My gums eventually got better in which I may attribute it to this and other dental hygiene.

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  • CarolynChurch By  CarolynChurch    

    it does okay..

    This mouthwash doesn't burn my mouth at all and has a pleasant taste (as far as mouthwashes go), but I have to agree with other reviewers when they say that the "freshness" doesn't last that long. After just a few minutes, I can't even really tell that I'd used mouthwash. It's not a horrible product, but not the best mouthwash that I've tried either. At least it's mild I suppose.

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  • Mariahhoney By  Mariahhoney    

    Love it I use it everyday no burning plus whiting

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  • Erinssaving By  Erinssaving    

    I bought this because there was a great deal at Costco. After using it for a few days, my taste buds have suffered. I can't taste much at all and it has left a bad feeling in my mouth that lasts all day. I'm going to stop using this immediately and hopefully I can return this to Costco. I'll report back once my taste buds recover, hopefully it will only take a day or so!

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  • rosemaryoday By  rosemaryoday    

    It does the job - but why must everything have artificial colors?

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This is nice because it is alcohol-free, but I just don't feel that it does as good a job as some other brands. Whenever I used it the feeling of 'freshness' didn't seem to last very long and I had to use again to refreshen. Just buy the Listerine and your breath will stay fresh longer.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Great mouthwash. Nice taste. I would recommend.

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  • marip1 By  marip1    

    My dental hygenist recommend using this because I have peridontal disease. This stuff is horrrible. I stopped using it when I found out it can ruin your taste buds, turn your teeth brown and give you mouth sores.

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  • miriah By  miriah    

    I bought this mouthwash to try something new, and it didn't disappoint. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh. I have always been a crest fan for mine and my families oral health. I will continue to purchase this product.

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  • ShanRed By  ShanRed    

    Me and my family love this product, it doesn't burn like most mouth washes.

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  • Ludmillia By  Ludmillia    

    The best thing about Crest Pro-Health Rinse Mouthwash is that I can rinse with it without the torture of alcohol or strong substances. The light, tasty rinse is easy to tolerate and it is highly effective at leaving teeth clean and smooth. Sometimes, I leave the abrasive toothpastes alone and use my sonic toothbrush with this mouthwash alone. The only other mouthwash I will use is Listerine, which can be very painful to wash around the mouth for the recommended 30 second period. As a result, I always keep Crest Pro-Health Rinse Mouthwash on hand for myself and for my guests.

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  • humtum By  humtum    

    I love this mouthwash. the main reason to stick with it is alcohol free. after that i know even Listerine came up with the alcohol free mouthwash too. but after kind of 6 years to using pro health its feels mine own personal one. it gives me what i want from a mouthwash. nice and fresh feeling for long time i blindly trust on my mouth wash and simply love it. i use it twice a day and after that i feel my self confident and happy. nothing to worry about any bad breath.

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  • TheJessicaBaker01 By  TheJessicaBaker01    

    I love this mouthwash! I've used listerine, scope, and this one. This one definitely works better. The refreshingness of this stuff last way longer than scope. It has no alcohol like listerine and scope, which is better for you mouth. It doesnt burn your mouth as bad as scope and listerine but you can definitely feel it working. I like the taste of it too. Doesn't leave a bad after taste. Although I wouldn't eat anything or drink any kind of flavored beverage after using this stuff (at least an hour+ since the refreshness does last a long time) because it does make it taste funny.

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