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  • Rclmom By  Rclmom    

    I use the small containers that my dentist gives my but I don't feel that my teeth get super clean with this product. I prefer a product that is not so slick.

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  • elva50 By  elva50    

    The floss is very fine and thin so it slides through teeth easily but I'm not sure it does the complete job with only one swipe.

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  • i_speaks By  i_speaks    

    My fave dental floss brand by far. Slides right in between your teeth and don't get caught. Love the fresh mint taste too it leaves.

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  • lil_bit2089 By  lil_bit2089    

    Just tried this floss for the first time a couple days ago and it's now the only one I will use. It tastes great, and even feels great using it. Makes your mouth feel very clean and refreshed. So easy to use and doesn't hurt or shred like a lot of other dental floss.

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  • windiemama1 By  windiemama1    

    works great and not a bad taste to it

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  • crista By  crista    

    After just having a deep cleaning at the dentist last week, he had given me this floss and I was very skeptical. It has always been hard for me to floss because my teeth are so tight together. Well I didn't have a problem at all and am very pleased with this product that I will keep buying it! ( I also bought the Glide picks :) )

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  • SoCal88 By  SoCal88    

    Love it. It rarely shreds into pieces, and tastes great (usually I don't like anything mint, but this is a nice cool mild tatse that I like).

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  • ian777 By  ian777    

    I like Glide because it does not separate into individual shreds like other brands and slides easily between my teeth.

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    Love this floss. It tastes good, it doesn't shred and I can thread it under a permanent retainer instead of having to buy the more expensive threaders or threader floss.

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  • mdkerestes By  mdkerestes    

    This is the only brand floss my son and daughter will use. I will actually pay alittle more for this to be sure they are taking care of their teeth.

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  • Heavenly By  Heavenly    

    It sounds silly, but it's my preferred floss of choice. no shredding happens in the tight teeth spots, & great taste.

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  • zoethegreat By  zoethegreat    

    When I remember to floss, this is what I use. Has a good taste, and it's easy to get in between tight teeth.

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  • summerbreeze72 By  summerbreeze72    

    I work in a dental clinic and not only do I use this item but we also give it to our patients.

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  • justmauid By  justmauid    

    This is the only floss that works for me. My teeth are close and all the other floss I've tried won't wiggle between my teeth but this floss "glides" right through. I have had the same problem as jessicamac with the container breaking. Numerous times but the floss is great!

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    Tastes pretty good, occasionally the plastic package breaks apart when I'm taking floss out.

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