Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste

Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste

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Will repurchase for years to come! Crest has been the go -to toothpaste in our family since i was a child. It cleans witout being gritty or leaving that lingering aftertaste many others leave. It whitens fairly well for not being an overpowering bleaching agent. The one with scope is my favorite, as it has that minty fresh feeling without the harshness that many toothpastes have. I have also noticed the staying power with this particular toothpaste that combats bad breath all day long.

clean breath with crest I love crest toothpaste with mouthwash scope in it.leaves my mouth with mint freshness. This is my favorite toothpaste so I don't have to buy mouthwash. Last a long time.

I love this toothpaste!! This products makes my mouth happy!

I like this tooth paste. Leaves your breath fresh and clean.

Great toothpaste, keeps you feeling clean and fresh

We are currently using this toothpaste. We love how it freshens our mouth and breath while cleaning our teeth

have been using it for the past 5 years and works pretty good; has a strong mint flavor and smell; price is a lot high

Great taste and leaves you good smelling breath.Makes your teeth feel really clean.

Love the freshness of this tooth paste and how clean my teeth feel after brushing.

Overall Crest is a really great product! Not only does it really get the tarter off your teeth but leave a fresh taste in your mouth and prevents tarter build up throughout the day. I noticed I dont get the filmy feeling after drinking coffee all morning after using this product.

Extra fresh!!! I love that feeling.. not many tooth pastes have that quality... I love this!!

This is my 2nd favorite toothpaste (right after the one with the MaxStrips) and it definitely lasts a long time. I buy either this or the other one depending on which is on sale. It has a great flavor and lasts a long time - great for date night!

Great toothpaste. Nice taste. I would recommend.

Great product! After I used, I feel very refreshing and clean.

Love this toothpaste. It has a great taste not too strong and always leaves my mouth feeling very clean and refreshed.