Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Whitestrips

Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Whitestrips

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They work, but my teeth sensitive now I can definitely tell a difference in the color of my teeth, but I have to be super careful to not use them too regularly or my teeth are super sensitive. I've also had some trouble with keeping them secured on my teeth the entire time, but a cheap mouth guard over these strips works really well!

I have to say, the Crest Whitening Strips do their job... they just aren't super easy to use. The product does what it says completely. The problems I encountered had to do with the application process. A lot of times the strips wouldn't stay put, the gel would seep through the lining and end up on my tongue (which was not delicious by any means!) Despite the annoying problems that come along with applying these strips to your teeth, they are still worth the 20 minutes of aggravation because they do a really good job of getting rid of stains, brightening your teeth, and adding a few shades of white to them!

I like the idea, but they don't stick well to my teeth. I usually scrape stuff onto my mouth guard and use it that way. Super costly and doesn't whiten as fast as it says. I hardly notice a big difference.

I started using these strips about 2 months ago and I love them. They do have a awful taste. They work very well and I started to see results 3 weeks after I started. I wouldn't use them everyday, but every 3days because they they sticky stuff can stick to your teeth.

These made my teeth really sensitive and they don't wrap all the way to my back teeth. But then again, those teeth don't show when I smile. They whiten your teeth, but they're not the same as going and getting your teeth done professionally. It's a good value for the price. I'd buy it again!

Good product. I use this teeth whitening strip when my teeth need to be brightening up. They stay in place on my teeth. Though the peroxide oozes out and it doesn't taste all that great. When I have the strips on I constantly have to spit because of the peroxide. And it will irritate the gums.

this product doesn't work for me at all I applied this product as per the direction and they was no major difference in my teeth , also 2-3 after days my teeth felt sensitive


I just started using these and I am in love. They are so easy to use. I put on before I get in the shower and by the time I've Finished my treatment.

These don't stick well and move around a lot and the gel tastes just awful. Go for the Rembrandt 2 hour kit and you'll get a lot more for your money!

These don't stick to my teeth right. I can't stand these. I don't know if they work or not, because I can never get them to stick to my teeth correctly.

Love these. Definately noticable results after the first few days of using them. Some sensitivity, but taking a little break after a few days and then continuing does the trick.

I have used these strips and other crest strips in the past and I love them. I got so many compliments on how nice my teeth looked when I was using them. After a box or so my teeth were where I wanted them to be and so then I only touched up every once in a while. I did not experience and sensitivity to the strips and would recommend them to anyone who wants whiter teeth without getting the professionally done.

I love these whitening strips. I've used professional bleach and it makes my teeth ache. I switched to using these about two times a week and my teeth are very white and relatively pain-free. The stick to the surface of your teeth much better than their less expensive vivid white strips. So if you are looking for some basic whitening strips, I'd really suggest buying these and coupons are always available

This is awesome!!! My teeth are whiter than white and everyone notices!!!