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  • BellaBella2 By  BellaBella2    

    childhood memories

    Seeing this makes me want to buy it again. Grew up eating this. So many ways to make it taste like whatever you want

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    This is better then others

    Delicious and heavenly! Growing up, I didn't like eating the plain cream of wheat cereal, so I used to add a lot of sugar or raspberry syrup. Now I found a cereal I can enjoy without adding anything accept a half cup of skim milk! Thank you cream of wheat and cream! :)

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  • meganam By  meganam    

    Cream of wheat is something that you either love or hate. I love it. The original flavor though does require a lot of sweetener of some kind of flavor to make it palatable though. I tend to reduce the sugar in my baked goods, so just adding a teaspoon of sugar and some cinnamon does well for me, but others may think it's too bland.

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  • karlalovesismael By  karlalovesismael    

    I've tried other brands. This brand is the best. So creamy and delicious.

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  • jannabec By  jannabec    

    Cream of Wheat has always been a favorite at my house and we only buy this brand. Its filling and a healthy alternative to cold cereal

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  • cosmic8o8 By  cosmic8o8    

    This is great when you want a hot cereal that's a bit lighter than oatmeal. I prefer to eat mine with a tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk mixed in and I tend to add more water when it's cooking so that it comes out a bit soupy. Great, comforting breakfast food!

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    I've been eating this cereal since childhood. I like it with milk and a little sugar or artificial sweetener. It's easier on the stomach than oatmeal.

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  • EbonyAubrey By  EbonyAubrey    

    Been eating Cream of Wheat for years. I love the little packets of it. I found them in my stores for a while but now am having a hard time finding them. I was elated when I found some smaller boxes in the dollar store since there is only my husband and I they are the perfect size. I think it tastes best on a cold rainy day which we have lots of in Oregon. It warms you right up from the inside out. I like the smoothness of it and I always add milk and brown sugar or some white sugar and fruit to mine.

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  • jazzylady1 By  jazzylady1    

    I love cream of wheat with some butter, sugar and milk on winter mornings. Have been eating it all my life.

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  • meomy27 By  meomy27    

    I Love cream of wheat but not plain...I always get the flavored kind. Or add brown sugar to it...My son who is 3 loves it too.

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  • Cooky13 By  Cooky13    

    Way better than oatmeal

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  • nanaof4n1 By  nanaof4n1    

    Love this on a cold morning.

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    Yuck. Even "doctored up" it was tasteless and has a weird texture.

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  • NatStellar By  NatStellar    

    I've been eating Cream of Wheat since I was a little girl. My mom would make it for my brothers and I before we headed out to school. It's the perfect hot breakfast for chilly mornings & great comfort food. I love mine with Cream, Sugar & a little butter or Jazz it up with Brown Sugar/Cinnamon/nutmeg.

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  • pippilongstocking By  pippilongstocking    

    I prefer Cream of Wheat over oatmeal or grits, it's a wonderful alternative and great to have any time of the day. I love mine with a bit of butter and sweetener for not only breakfast, but as a nice snack to hold me over until the next meal. Additionally, since this is iron-enriched, I have also counted on it, as well as other iron-rich food sources, to help me during times I was iron-anemic without having to take iron supplements. The smooth, creamy texture is so nice while the warmth of it makes it feel like you are really eating something, rather than a quick, bagged snack. Finally, preparation is quick and easy, making this Cream of Wheat a go-to staple in our kitchen.

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