Crazy Stupid Love Movie

Crazy Stupid Love Movie

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One of my favorite movies This is one of my favorite movies ever, partially because Steve Carell is one of my favorite actors but it also has Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, so it's hard to resist it. It's an easy romantic comedy, it makes you laugh and sigh and it's good :)

Very funny movie. Steve Carrell is brilliant and Ryan Gosling is hot,!

Funny and great date night movie that both can enjoy watching!

this movie is simply heart warming.. i love the story between steve carell and julianne moore.. i think their relationship is based on true love.. its not perfect but its simple and real.. ryan gosling was hot in this movie too!

I loved this movie. It's hilarious and somewhat unpredictable, which is rare! I love Steve Carell and seeing him in a slightly more serious role was interesting!

I thought that this way a really good movie and the twist at thread I must say I did not see that coming. I would see it again just to watch Ryan In it.

this movie was so funny

This is such a good movie! It's just what I like: comedy, romance and Ryan Gosling. Plus, it's not a predictable chick flick...definitely worth watching!!

Great Ryan Gosling!

This was a great movie!

This is a great movie with great actors. I have watched a few times already!

I LOVE this movie! It is funny and surprises you with the twists going on. Plus, Ryan Gosling alone is worth watching this movie for!

Hey! There's a twist to this movie. Anytime a movie can surprise me, it's worth the cost of admission!