Crayola Triangular Crayons

Crayola Triangular Crayons

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Awesome color, easy vibrant colors easy to open and close box

Perfect for Little Hands My (almost) 2 year old loves to color and these are perfect for him to grip. He tends to let the round crayons slip right through his hands.

Great for learning I like these crayons a lot. They help my kids to learn how to hold the crayons and pencils.

Excellent Crayons These are so great, my son loves them. He's three years old and these are perfect for the size of his hands while he's learning how to hold writing utensils.

These crayons are great for my little guy who has Autism. His fine motor skills are really behind where they should be. He has a hard time holding onto traditional pencils, crayons and markers. Great product for all kiddos with and without special needs!

I LOVE the triangular crayons! They have the classic colors and quality of Crayola but don't roll off the working surface. They are great for small hands to grip as well.

My son has a much easier time holding the triangular crayons as opposed to the round ones. It is also so nice that they are not constantly rolling away!

We use these in the Pre-K and K classrooms to help the kids learn to grip. They write smooth, have nice colors and are chunky enough to be held correctly but not too chunky so they don't hold it with a fist.

Crayola is always fueling the mind and imagination. I bought these for a 3 year old and she loves them. They were awesome for her to hold in her small hand to start writing; however, as one reviewer said these do tend to break if she is coloring a bit harder. These are more for learning how to write or helping to make straight lines, but to color they need to be a bit sturdier.

I am not a huge fan of the triangle crayons. My daughter likes them, and maybe we've just had some bad luck, but they break really easily and she's not hard on them. In truth, I wouldn't buy these again.

My son loves to color and gets a lot of use out of these. They are perfect for teaching him to write his letters since the shape naturally allows him to hold the crayon in the correct way. They also stay where you put them (and don't roll away under couches) and they wash off VERY easily from just about everything. (Except paper of course.) They are also very high-quality, as everything from Crayola generally is, and I love knowing that they are non-toxic. Even if my 6 month old gets hold of one, I don't have to worry too much if it makes it's way into her mouth before I can snatch it away!

These are a must in any household with young children. First anything that says "washable" is genius. These wipe off of most surfaces without much effort. Do plant on scrubbing a teeny bit to get the crayon marks out of crevaces (like textured walls). But they do wash off with water. The other benefit. These are actually the replacements for the washable bath crayons. So let them color on paper and take them to the bath to color in the bathtub! They are a huge hit with the kids in my home and the adults too

We have several boxes of the Washable triangular crayons. They are absolutely fantastic. My toddler loves to color on everything. They wipe right off! I can't believe it. Now, they are softer then non-washable crayons, but overall a great product.

We love these crayons!! It's so nice to not have to chase crayons while the kids are coloring.

Fabulous for little hands and not having to chase them around a restaurant.