Crayola Glitter Glue

Crayola Glitter Glue

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I am,always doing crafts with the kids, and these are one of my favorite products! Less mess because they are easily cleanable!

My daughter uses this to glue stuff and draw things. I got a 2 for 1 deal buying these. I'll keep buying them so she can express her creativity.

My kids love making things with this very glittery and super sparkly glue!

I think it is too hard for a kid to use the glitter glue. Hard to squeeze and take forever to dry.

My daughter loves these but me they seem very hard to squeeze out and the result most of the time is not what it looks like my daughter is going for. But anyway she has fun and makes some lovely and weird creations!

really safe to be used by little girls. what i love about crayola is they make sure their products are all toxic free.

Another great Crayola product. This is much easier than trying to use regular glitter with glue. They also come in the colors that you need to use the most.

A good product but you have to be extra careful because of the glitter -- otherwise works well with projects.

great colors but they were dried not the best. would of liked to use instead of just look at the colors of the glue i wanted to use

It's glitterific! Crayola Glitter Glue has worked really well for all the art projects we've worked on over the years! It's more than just adding a little glitter to a painting or construction--the sparkle makes every project more fun!

really happy with this product my 7 year old daughter did a great job with it and the final product was super cute. i am very glad we got it and used it for her big project for school because it added the finishing touches.

totally love these

It's a great idea, but the application is wrong. Very hard to squeeze out of the tubes and then the glue can come out in globs.

My son used it for his school project. It works okay but it does not flow easy out of the tube. It would have been better if the tube had been in a squeezable shape.

These are great if you can find them on sale. The tubes are a bit on the small side and it's really difficult to get the product out at the end. They are VERY fun and easy to use, but if your child is a heavy crafter who loves glitter, I would pay a bit extra for the bigger bottles or stock up whenever they go on sale at your store of choice.