Crayola  Dry Erase Crayons Bright

Crayola Dry Erase Crayons Bright

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i love it my kids love toys including this would love to try some we will give great reviews i have 3 kids

I was super excited to see these when they first came out but there are a few downsides. First I love the added color options, and the fact that there is no strong odor like with the markers. I didnt think they wrote very smoothly or easily and the writing sometimes didnt come out clear.

Fun This board and crayons are fun to do for toddlers. Although, I don't think the crayons are "bright" as what it says on the packaging. I barely see it on the black board.

These are fun to draw and color with but if you push to hard they are very hard to erase

this is so awesome for me beause i painted my sons walls mostly in dry eraser board over coat and the doors and half of one wall in chalkboard paint so these are perfect for my son to become the artist he will hopefully be one day right on his walls

Child loved the just the caps were a little hard for them to put back on right so they dried up

We have the crayons and the pencils, we love them , they are so much easier as in mess than the others, Each of my kids have their own board with their boxes of dry erase stuff. Great for traveling in the car.. Dont need to worry about coming out of things because they do

my kids got these and love them! they like the bright colors and how easily they write on the board. but they do break pretty easily. that is the only complaint I've heard so far.

They are great, use them over and over

My daughter loves these! Shes always been into drawing and these deliver amazing color and easy clean up!

My daughter loves these! Shes always been into drawing and these deliver amazing color and easy clean up!

My daughter loves to write on th dry erase board with these and the bright colors are a different touch.

These are really cool and my daughter loves them. I like that they are erasable. They work really well on the dry erase board. They erase very easily and don't get all over everything.

These are pretty cool! I have a lot of those stick-up dry erase decals on my fridge/cabinets/office wall for quick reminders so my kids always ask to write something on my "boards" to help out. My MIL got these crayons for my daughters - they LOVE them. They're easy to tell apart from regular crayons so there won't be any mishaps. We bought a separate dry erase easel so they could draw on a bigger surface. it's easy to wipe off - even if they forget to wipe, I just use some glass cleaner and it comes right off.

I bought these crayons for my girls to use as an alternative to the more traditional dry erase markers. They have lived up to all my expectations. They work well with dry erase boards and books and are a little less messy than markers. My one complaint is that they are a little soft, so they seem to break easily. I recommend this product, especially for younger children that are not quite ready for the responsibility of markers.