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  • Shycat45 By  Shycat45    

    Terrific Product

    Terrific Product have used these forever and they have been a household staple at our home for year's

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  • wendy1214 By  wendy1214    

    Best Crayon brand

    The only brand of crayons we will buy. Best color and best quality- they don't break easily

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  • Mellgbab39 By  Mellgbab39    

    Will always choose Crayola

    I?m not sure what they do to make there crayons work so well but they are better than any other crayons I?ve ever used. I will not buy any other crayon for myself or my kids. They draw so clean and the colors look exactly like the crayon itself.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    The one and only!

    Reminds me of when I was little! These are the boxes my kids love! Best color selection, easy carrying and storage, and great color!

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  • dolls123 By  dolls123    

    Great for planners

    I use these crayons in my planner. Sometimes I don?t want to use stickers and these are a fun way to express my feelings for the day

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  • sabradawn By  sabradawn    

    Rainbow Heaven in a Box

    The most wonderful gift a child can receive is one that enables their creativity. Crayola Crayon?s box of 64 crayons has always been a treat for the eyes and hands of little artists (as well as grown artists). There is nothing as enjoyable as seeing a child discover a new color and use those crayons to make their imaginary worlds come to life!

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  • jadekalmus By  jadekalmus    

    Crayola Crayons!

    I've always loved these as a little girl. I would keep every last one to myself even if I wasn't good at coloring. I still use then if I'm being honest, haha! They're the best! Especially the ones with the sharpener on the back!!

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  • jenny_admin By  jenny_admin    

    The best crayons out there!

    These are the best crayons on the market and have been a staple for my children. I feel like crayola crayons are vibrant and long lasting. I love all the color choices!

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  • DansLadyRy By  DansLadyRy    

    By far, the best brand of crayons. These don't have that waxy effect of the cheaper brands.

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  • Choc-lit By  Choc-lit    


    I love the smell of new crayons, brings back memories of the beginning of the school year. I still own a box, and it?s been decades since I was in elementary school. They color smooth and pretty .

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  • LilGirlTwisted By  LilGirlTwisted    

    Love Crayola crayons, I can never go with using these in a ColorIng book. Other crayons can?t compare to the quality of Crayola.

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  • Kkennedy102117 By  Kkennedy102117    


    Best crayons by far! No splotching like cheaper brands and easy to clean if you have messy toddlers!

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  • msannaclark By  msannaclark    

    Oldie but goodie, there's a reason these are so highly rated after all these years. :)

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  • Laura9 By  Laura9    

    Best Crayons!

    These are by-far the best crayons on the market! Don't waste your money on the off-brand crayons. These ones are built to last and don't break as easily. Much more bang for your buck.

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  • Noodlearms By  Noodlearms    

    Greatest crayons

    These are absolutely wonderful crayons! Such vibrant colors and great for kids!

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