Crawfish E'touffee


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  • Prep Time:
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    35 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    50 Mins
  • Level:
Crawfish E'touffee

Makes: 4 Servings

Description: This is a delicious sea food dish that you have to try!

1  Stick butter (1/4 pound)
2 cups  Onion
1 cup  Celery chopped
1/2 cup  Green bell pepper chopped
1 pound  Thawed crawfish tailed cooked or shrimp
2 teaspoons  Minced garlic
2  Bay leafs
1 1/4 tablespoons  Flour ( may need more to thicken)
1 cup  Water (3/4 cup if using shrimp)
3/4 teaspoon  Salt
1/8teaspoon  Cayenne pepper
2 tablespoons  Parsley chopped
3 tablespoons  Green onion chopped
1 1/2 cups  Rice

Instructions: (Crawfish boil seasoning optional)
Melt the butter in a larger skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onions, celery, bell peppers and sauté until soft and golden for about 10 minutes.
Add the crawfish, garlic, and bay leaves, stir in and reduce the heat to medium-low, stirring occasionally. Cook until the crawfish begin throwing off a little liquid, which will take about 10 minutes.
Cook rice following instructions on box. Dissolve the flour in the water. Add flour mixture, salt, and cayenne to crawfish mixture. Stir until the mixture thickens, about 4 minutes.
Add the parsley, green onions and cook for 2 minutes. Remove the bay leaves and serve over rice. Season as desired.

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