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  • LisaAC By  LisaAC    

    I bought this as a gift for myself for Christmas. I'd been wanting a Ipad, but they are far to expensive for my budget, so...when I saw that CVS Pharmacy had a Touch Tablet for only $99 I decided to give it a try, I love it. The thing that bothers me though is that their instruction booklet doesn't go through a lot of details and you end up guessing at a lot, BUT if you ever ran a wireless laptop then you know a thing or two about how to find a wireless signal. This item comes with a bookreader software as well as Kindle software. You can enlarge the book font and with my poor eyesight that's very important to me. I got it mostly as a bookreader, but you can download free games and apps or even videos. Youtube comes installed as well. A lot of apps already installed for you. It's a great starter tablet for anyone, especially children that can't seem to leave mom or dad's ipad alone.

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