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  • NatalieMeraz By  NatalieMeraz    

    ABSULOTELY LOVE IT! The full coverage of it is amazing. It lasts all day. Does not look cakey whatsoever. Blends great with other products for a glam look. Or it can be all on its own for a flawless natural daytime look.

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  • tileaandreea By  tileaandreea    

    This would have to be my favorite foundation. It's a great foundation and it makes my skin look amazing.

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  • aim674 By  aim674    

    Although I have tried it with multiple different primers, from low to high end, this product does not work. It looks cakey and clings to all my dry spots and pores. I do have very dry skin, so this is a frequent problem. Also, this product is marketed as a primer, it is not.

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  • ShailynnV By  ShailynnV    

    This is product is definitely an everyday favorite for me. I have oily skin so it's hard finding a foundation that can last all day. I can wear this product for up to 9 hours before it starts to gradually fade.

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  • Cengell By  Cengell    

    Very light coverage. Great for every day use but not too good on actually covering blemishes.

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  • arlette2525 By  arlette2525    

    Good foundation. Great coverage and lasting power. A little goes a long way for me since I have pretty good skin ( I have combo. skin). It also controls oil pretty well.

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  • laurar By  laurar    

    I haven't liked any of the covergirl foundations I have tried, liquid or powder. Too chalky and doesn't go on smooth. I have a different skin tone and undertone and haven't been able to find an exact match.

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  • thegiftofgab By  thegiftofgab    

    I have no idea why everyone raves about this foundation. It applies blotchy, and really brings out your pores. I used different types of primers, and even that didn't help when applying this product. It also is a hard color to match. I guess that's the SPF in the foundation. I didn't like this at all.

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  • AmyRemes By  AmyRemes    

    I love this foundation! I like how it includes sun screen and doesn't add cake on your face! it blends well and matches great for my skintone!

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  • tlarson By  tlarson    

    I love this. It works all day. Makes my skin feel soft. I is also very full coverage. I do not feel the need to wear conceler with this product.

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  • rkellly By  rkellly    

    Gives good coverage, blends well, and feels light. It lasts most of the day and works well for oily skin.

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  • JK_Mommy_ By  JK_Mommy_    

    So far this has been my go to foundation. It isn't too expensive and it goes on great. I get real picky about how my foundation looks going on so with this one I will keep using it.

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  • LauritaAlways By  LauritaAlways    

    I loveee this foundation!! I purchased this foundation after listening to one of my favorite youtubers raving over this item! Haha! I am so glad I did. I have a normal/dry skin combination. It does cover up my blemishes very well and blends great with my skintone. Although, it does feel a little dry especially on my dry patches and around my nose. You could see it up close too. So... it's pretty good yet don't over do it because it'll look cakey for sure. Not even powder foundation can help tone it down.

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  • mwritesabout By  mwritesabout    

    This stuff has amazing lasting power, and there's actually a color light enough for me! My only beef is that it can look cakey and cling to dry patches.

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  • CoffeeAndCosmetics By  CoffeeAndCosmetics    

    This is one of my holy grail foundations. It has great coverage and lasts all day. I still use a primer and concealer even though states 3 in 1 but for a foundation I love it and works great with my combination skin.

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