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  • emelizabeth By  emelizabeth    

    Pretty Good

    These have excellent wear time and don't make my lips feel dried out. They are not all that shiny so fans of matte products will like it. Good selection of colors too.

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  • Habladora By  Habladora    

    Nice longlasting

    I like this product it looked very nice on me but the down side is that after while it will be gone before you know it or dried up or something. Other than that its a great product.

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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    Foolproof....if You follow these instructions...

    I love these. Easy to use alone or layer with gloss. Vert long lasting lip product as kiss proof as they come. Fun and flattering colors. A little drying alone so I usually top them and reapply gloss. Not a LIPSTICK ... A quick during stain basically.

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  • Atabanana29 By  Atabanana29    

    Not my favorite

    This goes on really weird and it looks streaky when you're done. It also makes you lips really dry.

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  • pepsijamie By  pepsijamie    

    Just plain no

    A marker for your lips? If it actually were a decent marker maybe the color would last longer. The color came out uneven and WOW did my lips get dry.

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  • mcclungtammy By  mcclungtammy    

    love the colors, and it lasts all day. no smudges, and easy to remove.

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  • elva50 By  elva50    

    As expected from lip stains, this one is drying but not as bad as some others. I like the color but it should last longer if it's really going to be called a 'stain.'

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  • yaimeandoe By  yaimeandoe    

    I liked it. Although didn't last as promised

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  • lovempumpkin By  lovempumpkin    

    I am a little unsure wether I like this product or not. I like the concept of it but I feel like they did not carry thru with the product so well. The color for me just does not pop at all!

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  • Pixiecasey By  Pixiecasey    

    I currently use this as an every day thing. I put this on me before applying my lipstick it helps it last all day long. This really does help out, I would not recommend Wearing alone but as a "base or primer" it is a great product I love it.

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  • Jamiejed By  Jamiejed    

    it's like a marker, don't like the way it looks or tastes

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  • yuliya By  yuliya    

    It stays on well on my doesn't dry my lips out at all - in fact my lips generally feel quite soft while I'm wearing the stain.

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  • DZLauren By  DZLauren    

    This lip stain has great colors I have two but it does not last long and if you put on too much it gets caked on your lips. It's looks better when you add a gloss or another product but that also makes it last for even less time

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  • AnJrose By  AnJrose    

    Covergirl Outlast Lipstain is very pigmented, which allows the color to stay on for a long period of time, however, it is not waterproof, and may fade after eating or drinking. The colors are very nice looking, but are dull when not paired with a clear gloss or chapstick. The stain is easily removed with soap and water, a definite advantage over many other stains which take special makeup remover to clean off. Overall, the product does well, and I continue to use it frequently.

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  • MrsKentuckyBlue By  MrsKentuckyBlue    

    I am big on color. I purchased this after a friend referred it to me. Whenever I don't do heavy makeup I use this. I like it for, running out to the supermarket and doing quick errands. Not for long last wear. I do use lip balm before putting this on, because it dries out my lips. It's good for short errand runs, so it works out.

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