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  • Liovpiy By  Liovpiy    

    Nice color payoff, glides onto lips, beware if your lips are dry(they may become even more dry) Overall I think this is an okay product. If you are looking for a lipstick, this is not for you. If you are looking for a lip balm with a glossy finish with nice color payoff, than this might be what you are looking for.

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  • Shannon17 By  Shannon17    

    I have one in the shade "sandstone". This lipstick was okay I'm not sure if all of the lipsticks have sparkles in it or if it's just this shade. I personally don't like that. If you do than this is for you it's smooth on overall it's okay.

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  • bloni77 By  bloni77    

    nice pigment , nice shine

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  • gilmoregirl24723 By  gilmoregirl24723    

    I actually prefer this to the Lip Butters. It is a bit dryer, so it's not as moisturizing, but it's pretty pigmented, and lasts a while

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  • testingmama By  testingmama    

    I really like this product. It is a tinted balm not a lipstick (even if the stick does look very pigmented) so if you are going for bold color, this is not the product for you. The color is sheer and it leaves your skin nice and soft with a bit of gloss. I love it for everyday wear, a quick one step application for running around. When I want something more bold, I'll go for another product. This also doesn't last long on your lips unfortunately but then again, even with the long lasting products, only the color lasts not the gloss so you still have to reapply something.

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  • lalalady7777 By  lalalady7777    

    loved the texture, scent, feeling on my lips, just none of the colors

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  • sharonkru By  sharonkru    

    It wasn't my favorite because I like darker hues.

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  • ellalaz By  ellalaz    

    Love these balmy glosses!

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  • sweetnsassy By  sweetnsassy    

    I didn't like it thought I would it didn't feel right on my lips

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  • cleverzeke By  cleverzeke    

    I wasnt real crazy about this one. the color doesnt last long. I wouldnt say its bad, i just didnt like it.

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  • veah100 By  veah100    

    I haven't tried this yet, however from the reviews I Think I will.

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  • cottonpickincute By  cottonpickincute    

    I was a BzzAgent reviewer for CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm. I loved it. Love it. It moisturizes my lips while adding a natural soft tint to my lips. And having the SPF is just a super bonus. It makes my lips look beautiful today without looking over done and it protects my lips so they will look and feel beautiful tomorrow.

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  • mnmguess By  mnmguess    

    I just wanted to tell you about a great product that I just tried out! It is CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm and it is wonderful!! It glides on so smoothly stays on for awhile!! It keeps your lips feeling soft and smooth and has the perfect color combinations!! I love this product and would recommend it to anyone that wants soft pretty lips! I thought it was a little high priced at first, but it actually lasts a really long time so it makes the price worthwhile. You should try the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm today ~ you will be glad you did!!

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  • NildaPadua By  NildaPadua    

    Love the moisture that is left after applying it.

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  • shaktimom By  shaktimom    

    I really like this product because its a great cross between a lip gloss, with the pigment of a lipstick and is soothing like a lip balm. The color I tried was #245 (Pinot) and it went on smoothly and the color was perfect for my skintone. My lips stayed soft and it felt great on all day. I'm definitely going to try more shades of this product, Love it!!!

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