Covergirl Exact Eyelights Mascara

Covergirl Exact Eyelights Mascara

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Overall it is a completely average mascara. It is no worse and no better than any other mascara. I didn't find it flakey or clumpy, and it does do a good job defining your lashes. I wouldn't say it did anything to highlight my eye color though, which is what they say it does....

I loved this mascara. One side was the mascara so you could put it on during the day. Annd for an evening look you just put on the other side of the wand for a sparkely glam look. It is a really nice look.

LOve Love loved this! the Colors were nice and made but blue eyes pop! Used the blue and purpleish colors! But the mascara is self didnt have much of a shelf life, found myself buying a new one way too often! Other that that awesom!

i got this for my blue eyes. it worked okay but didnt make a big difference. the formula was blue and i looked kind of stupid walking around with blue eyelashes. enough said lol

I really like it. I was super skeptical but it was a freebie and I really like how it looks. It made my eyes look brighter somehow. It wasn't heavy or clumpy. However, I didn't see it as making my lashes alot thicker or longer.

This product is horrible...I am not a fan of Covergirl mascara's to begin with but the shimmer effect is what made me want it and it did absolutely nothing for my eyes...i used it like 3 times and eventually just tossed it out.

I bought the set of the eye brightner line and I was unimpressed with it all. But the mascara flaked really bad for me and dried out more quickly than most. I was really excited I love blue mascara but this one is just not for me.

What a flop. My eyes aren't brighter, the mascara is just so-so and wand was really scratchy on my eyes! Not safe for contacts, either.

This product promised to bring out the color of my green eyes,I am sorry to say I did not see that . I have used many Covergirl products and this did not perform. I plan to write to Covergirl.

i dont see my eyes become brighter. however, i love the mascara! i think it makes my eyelashes long, full, and separated. no clumping at all!!

I did not see the big difference from regular masc. to this one. exact eyelights has a glittery substance,you don't notice anything unless your up close(nose to nose).I might keep the wand though.

i disliked using this product and now i have it and i don't want it, i have brown eyes and i bought the mascara that corresponded to that, it did not make my eyes look any better if thats what its supposed to do , the brush made me mess up a lot and doing the lower lashes is tricky, it gets a little clumpy, but overall i don;t like it and i wouldn't recommend it, go get some maybelline define-a-lash

super clumpy! I actually thought it would be a good product because it's a good brand.

This mascara was just another average mascara for me. It did not lenghthen my eyelashes nor did it lighten them and make them all sparkly. I am wearing it right now actually and I find it to be a little clumpy.

I have hazel eyes and I actually love this mascara. I don't know if it's just me or what but I think it's amazing and it's really good at separating lashes.