CoverGirl  Smoky Shadow Blast Shadow Stick

CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast Shadow Stick

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FAVORITE LOVVVVVEEEE! These are gorgeous shoes and perform well with some practice. I like them most to smoke out an eyeliner. Girls they are wonderful over eyeliner or even as a replacement. If I attempt to use them as shadows I am careful on the application using a good brush. You can also pat on with fingertips over shadow. BEAUTIFIL !!

This item is fabulous why?!maybe because it has not to dark nor to light color and it isn't rough on the skin when applied correct

I like the colors of this product but they are subtle. I was hoping for a more dramatic look. The product is easy to use and blends well so I am still using it but would probably not buy this again.

I liked that it was compact so you can take it on the go. For me I had a hard time getting it to go one smooth and stay. There is not a large selection. I like covergirl but this is not one of my favorites.

I would recommend this to anyone that is on-the-go since it's very compact and can fit almost anywhere. This eye shadow will only look great on someone who actually knows how to apply makeup because before I knew how to apply makeup correctly I hated it. Now that I actually know how to apply makeup it comes in handy.

Loved the colors. Not a big variety though. I didn't ;like the way it went on. Not very smooth and sweated off easily

I bought this product thinking it would stay in place, however it wore off very soon after applying it. It left me with lines on top of my eye lids instead of staying over my whole eyes, clumping together rather quickly. Not to mention the it fell apart on one side! But I did find a good use for it, the side that had stayed intact, I used lightly on my eyes then applied the eye shadow I wanted. This created a 3D look, if you do it with maybe one or two swipes it works great. By itself I would rate it a 1 but using it with others I'm giving it a 2.

This was a waste

I absolutely love this product it glides on so smooth an the color rally last (:

I'm surprised at the bad reviews. I gave up on eye shadow long ago because of the terrible streaks it leaves soon after applying it. However, I was feeling froggy one day and decided to try eyeshadow once again. I saw this stuff on the shelf and bought it. I love it. It doesn't leave noticeable streaks and stays on for quite a while. I love the colors I got (gold and brown). This eyeshadow is awesome! My only complaint is that one side broke off very easily and I keep having to stick it back on to use it :(

I guess I am the only one that likes this but I do. I originally got it free from BzzAgent about 2 years ago. I like the Silver Sky best but Onyx Smoke and Bronze Fire are ok too. I have never had it break or crumble as others have. And I don't go for really dramatic makeup so I don't put it on with a heavy hand. I have never had any issues with it creasing so this may be because of my light hand. I guess if you are going to be doing the more dramatic looks like Covergirl shows, this product may not be for you. If you just want some lighter color that comes in an easy to use creamy stick, this may be for you. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I think a lot of the colors are weird. I wish they had more options.

I did like this till it broke now can't use it

Not impressed..... not many colors and doesnt stay as long as it says it does..... too bad because it is a good idea!

This was a waste! Like everyone else I was excited, big let down I got the black and white-ish one and I looked like a raccoon! The curved edge wore fast. I did complain to covergirl and they responded they would refund so while I am not happy with the product I am happy with company.

I bought this product when it first came out. It seemed like and awesome idea, but when I went to use it, both ends fell right off! The color didn't appear on me as it did in the commercials, I suppose thats usually how it works... but I was very disappointed.