CoverGirl ShineBlast Lip Gloss

CoverGirl ShineBlast Lip Gloss

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Love it!

I recently received the ShineBlast Lipgloss through Covergirl's promotion and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this lipgloss. It's very lightweight and doesn't smother your lips like a lot of other gloss seems to do. The contoured wand makes application very precise. The color I received was a light first, I was skeptical of the shade. But after application, I found that it was very complementary to my skin tone and not at all overpowering like a lot of pinks can be. As I am a 30-something mother of two, I really enjoy cosmetics that can make me look younger but not as if I'm trying to mimic a teenager. ShineBlast definitely holds up to the competition, and even surpasses it. The scent is pleasant and fruity, the taste holds a hint of sweetness. Overall I was very satisfied with it and plan to purchase it once the generous full-size sample I received runs out.

I have one of these, a red one... smells kinda like watermelon, but its red, and it's okay. I expected the color to be more intense, but I guess it's still good. Nothing special. Also, I thought it would be more shinny. I think if it's called "shineblast" people better be blinded by the light reflected off my lips. Like I said, it's nothing special.

I'm a Bzz Agent as well and I also received the new Shine Blast Lip Gloss from Cover Girl. I really liked the lip gloss as it was very shiny and moisturized my lips very well. I agree that the color doesn't last that long, but I do like the taste of the one I received. It tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. I think that the price is a bit steep, but would purchase it if I had some high value coupons.

BzzAgent recently sent me Covergirl's new ShineBlast Lip Gloss to try it and review it. So, here it is: I usually don't like lip gloss. I've always thought it was a waste, they usually don't add much color, you have to apply them often, and they just seemed "silly" to me. However, Covergirl's ShineBlast Lip Gloss isn't "silly" or a waste. It definitely is a "ShineBlast" lip gloss, it provides a lot of gloss and shine, which I really like and it lasted quite a while for a lip gloss. However, it doesn't provide as much color as I would like and just adds a hint of pink. As a result, I always wear it with my lipstick, so it provides the shine, while my lipstick provides the color. One feature that I really like is the new applicator design, with a flat "top" or "head." This makes putting it on much easier and smoother, less awkward than the normal round applicator "head." I also really like the smell of it. It has just a hint of fragrance that's not too overwhelming and very pleasant. So, overall, I like Covergirl's new ShineBlast Lip Gloss as a nice extra for my lips, but I wouldn't spend more than a few bucks for it.