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  • Alilly By  Alilly    

    If you are looking for a natural daytime look this is the mascara to use. The application is smooth. no clumps plus it looks and feels natural. I would not recommend for night on the town.

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  • jokalli By  jokalli    

    This mascara didn't work well for me I swim a lot and it came off in water NOT waterproof like it says and it really irritated my eyes i will not get this again

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  • Shannon17 By  Shannon17    

    This was the first mascara I ever bought I didn't like it it didn't do much for my lashes and the waterproof formula wasn't waterproof.

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  • chilypepper103 By  chilypepper103    

    This mascara is amazing. It makes your lashes soft.

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  • clc44990 By  clc44990    

    I just got this mascara and LOVE it. Feels and looks very natural.

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  • bettyboop2001 By  bettyboop2001    

    I did not like this mascara at all. It seemed very thick, clumpy and flaky. It made my eyes watery, itchy and irritated.

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  • donnamae By  donnamae    

    This mascara goes on very smooth and does not clump or stick the lashes together. It feels light and natural. I am very happy with the look and color it gives my lashes.

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