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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Marvelous Mascara

    I absolutely love how much volume I get from using this mascara! Just a few swipes on my lashes and they look bigger, longer, and thicker! No more need to use fake lashes because I can achieve the same results using this! Doesn't become dry or flaky! Stays on! Stays put!

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  • Liz032063 By  Liz032063    

    This product clumped up my eyelashes. Threw it away after a couple of uses

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  • Dieana007 By  Dieana007    

    The brush is awesome! gives you long lashes without the clumping.

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    I really like the smaller brush, it makes it easier to apply. It doesn't lengthen much, but it is nice when I'm going for a minimal look. I LOVE the fact that it easily washes off!! I don't have to scrub my eyes for ever to remove the color. I would probably purchase again.

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  • Jassy0629 By  Jassy0629    

    Not a fan of this one. Made my lashes clumpy and didnt lenghten my lashes.

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  • vintage2002 By  vintage2002    

    doesn't do much and clumps, cannot build up the volume hense clumping

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  • tufftiff By  tufftiff    

    Ehhh... not bad but not very good! Used it a few times, but it didnt do much for me!!!

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  • emailjayne By  emailjayne    

    Love this mascara! Lengthens very well. I really like the small brush becuase it helps me get the eyelashes in the corners of my eyes and I feel like I hvae better control. It does not flake and does not smudge!! Great! Just started using it and will continue!

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  • CrystalAnne By  CrystalAnne    

    All covergirl mascaras are the best.

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  • aem0508 By  aem0508    

    This is a must have! All of the lash blast mascaras work very well but this is one of the best.

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  • sarahead1 By  sarahead1    

    This mascara is great for darkening the lashes and adding definition, the brush keeps the lashes well separated and clump-free but I don't think it adds length in any noticeable way. I reach for this when I want a very natural look (hiking, workout classes, etc...). I can't seem to build up the volume I desire with this. Great for outer corners and bottom lashes.

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  • katieprichard95 By  katieprichard95    

    I love this product. It really adds length to my lashes. But it also makes it look natural. It doesn't clump and doesn't have a funky smell like other mascaras do. I use this mascara almost everyday. It's my all time favorite mascara.

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