CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara

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Marvelous Mascara I absolutely love how much volume I get from using this mascara! Just a few swipes on my lashes and they look bigger, longer, and thicker! No more need to use fake lashes because I can achieve the same results using this! Doesn't become dry or flaky! Stays on! Stays put!

Another great covergirl mascara. Amazing formula, even better brush. Builds up to nice lush lashes. Love this product.

I own this and it is very good! It doesn't run or smear easily and doesn't add clumps. Its is smooth yet natural to make your eyes look even more beautiful.

This is the best mascara I have the drugstore at least! LashBlast Fusion does a great job making my eyelashes look fuller and longer without clumping. My eyelashes are not very think or I do need to add a few coats of this mascara to get the desired effect. When I am getting ready to go out, I love to put on even more coats to get a super dramatic effect... For my lashes, this brush works a lot better than the orange version of LashBlast.

Ahhh I loveeee this mascara!! I once had one a long time ago when I was in high school. Wow. I have to say this mascara did help boost my confidence because it had helped volumize and lengthens my lashes. All without clumping! Also, it was so affordable to get! Love this mascara! I need to get back to Walmart and purchase this item because I loved it! Haha!

Does not leave any clumps, its great! Must double coat for better coverage but over all is great

I didn't like the bristles on the wand and it made my lashes clumpy

Loving this mascara. Makes my lashes look full. No clumps. It stays on all day.

Didn't like this mascara at all. I wear contact lenses and it really bothered my eyes. I was very upset to see how quickly it began to clump and became gooey. I may have just bought a bad batch, but I definitely won't use it again. Wouldn't recommend this at all!

I don't like this product because it doesn't really add length to my lashes. And its not waterproof. It didn't stay on my lashes that long.

As a lover of Cover Girl Lash Blast I thought it would be fantastic to have a fusion of length and body, but no! The big fatty brush that I love from lash blast has been flattened and it is almost like painting my lashes. They are somewhat separated and they are full, but definately not my favorite! Sometimes its ok to stick with something that works instead of going with too much!

I recently bought this because it seemed like it was getting some great reviews. The one thing that really got me to buy it was a beauty blog, and once the girl applied it, her lashes looked amazing! I wasn't disappointed, BUT I did find that after applying my second coat, it did clump and stuck clumps of eyelashes together. However, it is one I prefer over other drug store mascaras that I have tried. I would recommend it for every day use.

Covergirl came through for me again. I ran out of my old mascara which was clear because i wanted to use a mascara that looked natural but but made my eyes pop and this Covergirl Lashblast Fusion did all of the things that my clear one did but added the black and made my eyes pop more. my absolute favorite thing about this mascara i that it doesn't clump and looks natural. comes off easy when i remove my make up too! LOVE THIS MASCARA!

Great mascara! This really separates and coats well. I love this and its affordable. I like it even better now that they have water proof versions. I use a lot of high end makeup but this is definitely a money saver that works great!

The barely there bristles on the applicator are terrible! I was not able to even get full coverage on my lashes with the brush so i cannot review the mascara itself. My friends and I agree that the brush was a terrible idea! It may be durable and the bristles wont clump together but it leaves the eyelashes unevenly coated.