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  • Tsjones1996 By  Tsjones1996    

    One of my favorite mascaras. Love love love the formula AND the brush, which is very rare. Definitely one of the best.

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  • Jrahman0716 By  Jrahman0716    

    I've been using the same orange Covergirl mascara for many years and decided to go for a little change this time. I will never change back. This mascara doesn't clump at all. Most new mascara makes lashes stick together, but this one spreads them out in a lovely fan--I didn't know I had so many eyelashes! Using this product my eyelashes look fantastic and thick; no clumps, no spider-leg chunky flakes. It's amazing! I've gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes. I've been told they look like eyelashes you'd see in on movie stars. Highly recommended and thank you so much covergirl!

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  • knikita By  knikita    

    Having tried a lot of mascaras, if I needed to I'd probably buy this again, but it's definitely not my favorite. The brush is kind of strange and didn't do much for separating my lashes. The color stayed on for a long time, so that's a plus if you're looking for something that's not going to flake off during the day and leave those pesky dried mascara clumps that fall onto your face and whatnot. It's alright, but if you're looking for something with a little more quality I'd look elsewhere.

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  • LauritaAlways By  LauritaAlways    

    This mascara was my first item I regret buying from Covergirl! It didn't much to my lashes except make it more blacker. I don't like this mascara. Might as well skip this item in store when you're in a beauty aisle.

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  • Jassy0629 By  Jassy0629    

    I liked that this mascara lasted all day but was disappointed it took me a little longer than normal to remove it

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  • erika89 By  erika89    

    I didn't really like this product it was flakey and my eyelashes looked normal as if I didn't have any mascara on & it was such a pain to get it off. I wasn't impressed with this product.

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  • Kristymc86 By  Kristymc86    

    I love this product. I bought this for my wedding and it held up. was really impressed.

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  • Lashestolashes By  Lashestolashes    

    I personally dont like the silicone applicators I'd like this product much more if it were a good old fashioned mascara wand. I couldn't believe how long the mascara stayed on, and it did not flake at all! Removing it was a bit bit, I really had to scrub it off with my eye make up remover pads, when it finally came off my eyes were red and puffy from the irritation of trying to remove the mascara.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    i like how the brush works.. its similar to the purple lash blast( i think its called?) that i love. it was sold out & i ended up with this one.. it applies similar to the pink & purple covergirl mascaras that i love BUT it does not wash off very easy!! i had to practically chip it off!! would love this stuff a lot more if it washed off easily

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  • CherryAllie By  CherryAllie    

    I wore this mascara on my wedding day. And it wore perfectly all day. It is also the mascara I brought on my honeymoon in Hawaii. No problems with it flaking, and no raccoon eyes even when spending all day in the water. I love the lashBlast 24 hour formula. It is very long lasting, but it doesn't require excessive rubbing to remove it. It comes off easily with eye makeup remover, but I can also remove it with a slight rub with my facewash in the evening. This adds nice volume and a little length. I usually only wear one coat, I like a little oomph on my lashes not to look like I am wearing false lashes. I have worn multiple coats and that was perfect for special occasions.

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  • tiffinymunn By  tiffinymunn    

    I have mixed emotions about this product. While I LOVE the cover girl cosmetics line and I love the way this product makes my lashes look like, i have a VERY hard time getting this makeup off my lashes!!! I have tried so many products and nothing takes all the mascara off! I hope CG will develop an eye makeup remover specifically designed for this, because I hate having to sacrifice my love of this product, just because It wont come off!

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  • Desiree820 By  Desiree820    

    I normally do not write reviews but I had to on this product. I love it, and I pray that Covergirl does not discontinue it. When they say 24 hours, they mean it. I'm half Hispanic/half Caucasian and have NO curl what so ever to my lashes so I have to curl them and then usually use an expensive department store (Lancôme or Urban Decay) waterproof mascara to get the curl to hold. I bought this on a whim after reading negative reviews of how hard it is to remove. I figured, I use waterproof anyway, I may as well try it. It held my curl after putting it on. I was amazed! I never get an instant curl hold from drug store mascaras, even waterproof. I will admit, it's not much on volume but I can easily use a volumizing mascara for that. I just wanted an inexpensive non-department store mascara that would hold my curl and this does. I didn't have a hard time removing this as everyone else did. I use Pond's make-up remover wipes and Loréal's Clean Artiste for waterproof make-up to remove my waterproof mascara anyway so I just used this same routine and had no hard time at all removing the Covergirl 24 Lash mascara. I suggest to all that bought it and had a negativity to the removal to try my process and see if that changes your view of the product.

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  • Zhenya By  Zhenya    

    Goes on nice, stays on very good, have few different shades like black blue, black brown, blackest black, black gold, etc. My biggest problem is that i could not remove it with makeup removing towelets or facewash!!! I never use waterproof mascaras, and don't like anything like that!!!

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