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  • platinumpink By  platinumpink    

    This makeup matched my skin and it didn't make me itchy, but I would love to find something else for my oily combo neutral toned pale skin.

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  • Alyssaxoxo By  Alyssaxoxo    

    I used to love this foundation. My friend told me that my face looked so clean when I was wearing this, she didn't even know what foundation I was using. So I guess it does what it claims! I have found a much better foundation for my skin type recently, but not a bad foundation. Good for the price.

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  • aquariusbridget By  aquariusbridget    

    I love this brand. It goes on nice and easy. It lasts all day. It makes my skin look and feel great.

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  • Heathernicole86 By  Heathernicole86    

    I did not like this foundation and the main reason why is because I have acne prone skin and the makeup makes it worse and it looks greasy on my skin

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    STINKS! Good coverage but it looks greasy and break you out!

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  • Karkar915 By  Karkar915    

    I found it broke me out. I have combination skin but usually can use anything. Also very cakey. I love the smell and the packaging is easy and simple. I really wish cover girl made one for ance because maybe then i could enjoy this product. I found the coverage to be medium.

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  • laurar By  laurar    

    I don't like it it's too chalky and does not go on easily. Its hard to find a match for my skin too.

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  • Camkay03 By  Camkay03    

    Too thick of foundation for me but it did help with my acne.

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  • Melanieelise By  Melanieelise    

    Horrible it was not a great experience using this I broke out and also the product says it for oily but in a hour I was all oily

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  • shopper1012 By  shopper1012    

    I tried it but I don't think it fit well with my skin tone. I would recommend it, its a very good product.

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  • Lizbeth310 By  Lizbeth310    

    I honestly didn't like this foundation. It Was just awful it had a medium coverage and it made me break out-.-

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  • Reannen89 By  Reannen89    

    i used to use this a while back i used it all threw high school and just like 6 months ago i stopped using it i did not no much about make up and now i no more i always wondered why my face always got sun burned and i realized there is no spf in this i am fair skinned so i burn really easy now that i changed to a brand with spf in it i am never getting sun burned on my face any more

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  • Anaclaudia By  Anaclaudia    

    Works great ! Highly recommend

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  • shelookslost By  shelookslost    

    Best bang for your buck! Great for sensitive and acne prone skin, it isnt as oily as most so you dont have to worry about breaking out! My great grandma used covergirl her whole life and didnt have any wrinkles until well into her 80s!

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  • SummerSunflower By  SummerSunflower    

    My sister used this and it looked really awful on her. It caked on her face and made her break out. She's prone to acne and this stuff did not help. Me and her are also the same shade, so I tried using it. For some reason it turned my face orange. We had our other friend try it (who was the same shade also) and it matched her. My mom also tried it. She's a bit darker than all of us but it blended into her skin pretty well. When the lightest tone doesn't even match my face but will go darker, there's a huge problem. I feel like being pale is a bad thing.

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