CoverGirl CG Smoothers Concealer

CoverGirl CG Smoothers Concealer

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This Product is ok.. Im not a big covergirl fan so it was hard to give it any props.. but i can say its ok..

I honestly don't see the point in using this stuff. I mean, it works great for dark circles but that's it really. I used it to cover up zits (used foundation over it) and it didn't help at all. I might as well have not put any concealer on. I did love how they had my color in this since I am very pale and most face make up doesn't have my shade. But it didn't help that it didn't actually cover anything up.

This was the first concealed I ever used. It's my mom's go to concealer. It is nice and creamy and medium coverage. Not quite full coverage. It would be a great undereye and blemish concealer.

I liked it. It was a great concealer and did not break me out. For me, it was just like every other good concealer.

It does an okay job at concealing the circles under my eyes, but seems to do just as much as any concealer I have tried. None I have tried do a really good job on coverage of undereye circles, discoloration. Have not found the perfect one yet

It is not as good as some concealers I own, but it did an OK job at covering. It was a tad too sheer for my taste.

I use estee lauder make up and cover girl cover stick, this product works really good has great coverage and doesn't break my face out like some other cosmetics have.

I have a very hard time finding anything that I can put on my face due to sensitivity, but this product works great. Not only does it not irritate my skin but it does the job it is made for. I love it.