CoverGirl Trublend Microminerals Foundation

CoverGirl Trublend Microminerals Foundation

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Not very great coverage in all honesty.

Cover girl true blend foundation has been the only foundation i have found that was my actual skin color. It doesn't make me look orange and its so light you cant even tell that i am wearing it. It covers up my discoloration with a problem and Ive been using the same foundation for years! I can imagine using another one!

The design is awful, I ended up giving this to my little sister who's just starting out in make up, the coverage is ok but I'm more of a makeup snob, the package killed it for me. I stuck with my Bare Escentuals.

It gets everywhere and it's kinda messy!

Poor design, which creates a poor product presentation. I bought it because it was on clearance, but agree with "sneepy" because the makeup spills everywhere!

The design of this RUINS it. The brush is too big for the container and makeup ends up EVERYWHERE. I don't understand what the point is for having this extra plastic cylinder piece to keep up with. For those of us who put makeup on in the car in the parking lot, this is a nightmare. I couldn't tell you if I like the powder or not bc about it's impossible to handle. You can sometimes catch Loreal's version on sale at drugstores, and it has a wonderful design. And what's even more annoying, if you try to get on the covergirl website to comment, they require you to waste your time to register, which I refuse to do. Not worth it.

I bought this foundation last week and have liked it just okay so far. The brush it came with is too small and it is hard to get an even coat of the product on a larger brush. The container is horrible and I plan on transferring it to a different jar. It doesn't give much coverage so I need to go over my face a couple of times with it.

It does take a lot of application to get good coverage. It was too shimmery in my opinion. It had a little bit too much perfume, but didn't feel heavy or cakey. The package design is just awful. Not sure what genius at covergirl thought that one up! The brush stinks- it's scratchy and the bristles are too tightly packed. You have to pull out the brush, unscrew the top, dump powder into the top part of the container...that all equals a mess! I transferred it to any empty container and used a better brush I already had. I would recommend Bare Naturale. Better coverage, design, and brush. Around the same price. Best price I found was at Walmart.

i dont like this makeup up i thought that it was going to be really good but it eas a big let down it was kind of shimmery on my face was hard to build up the coverage the more i tried to build it the worse it looked i will not by it again

After applying this foundation, using my new ELF studio foundation brush, I can say that I had a much better experience. If you have your own foundation brush, or don't mind forking out a lil money to get one, then you should get your money's worth if you invest int this foundation.