Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara

Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara

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A wonderful choice if you have always wanted perfect eyelashes!!

It is hard to find a good mascara but here it is!!! Great product, that does what it says it does.

I absolutely love this product! I have been jumping around to different brands since I started wearing makeup when I was 16 and this is by far and away my favorite brand and individual product! What I love most about it is how great it is about helping separate my lashes while coating them completely with mascara. I almost never have to use on the tops of my lashes because it covers with two of three strokes and it makes my lashes really pop!

It does exactly what it says it does it will not clump up your lashes at all and it separates my lashes too!

Its a great mascara for the price. Brush seperates perfectly, and I can put on several coats and build up a nice lush look.

my holy gale of mascara i love it i never live with out it i my makeup kit for now one i love the formula the brush was perfect made my lash look a lot longer then any other ones as ever had i love it

This, personally, is my HG mascara. I love a natural look, but love a dark, long lash and this meets all requirements. As u comb it through lashes, it pushes them up and really combs through all lashes, leaving just enough mascara coating each lash with REALLY NO CLUMPING! Seriouslyy, never have any clumps with this mascara. I really love it. Seems to add a dash of length as well, but not doing too too much in terms of volumizing. Will continue to use this, really happy with what it does to my eyes!

Love this mascara! I have short sparse lashes and this really plums them up and lengthens with minimal to no clumping. Love the waterproof version

I tried this mascara because I snagged it on sale, but I was not impressed with it. I prefer thick long lashes and I really had to work to get to my desired look. The shape of the brush is nice and does lift your lashes for a more curled look, but they won't stay that way all day unless you curl them with a curler. It's not a bad mascara and I'd buy it again if it were on sale, but if you're going for drugstore mascaras I believe there are better ones out there.

This is my go to mascara. It rarely ever clumps, and the product lasts a long time. My lashes come out very natural looking with a little extra volume. This product comes in a waterproof version, which stands up to its claims. I like my clump crusher better than many high end mascaras I've tried. It's always nice when a drugstore mascara is better than one that costs 3 or 4 times as much!

I really like this mascara, no clumps like other mascaras. And I like the bigger brushes.

I think I am the only person that doesn't like this mascara. Not a fan of these huge plastic brushes. They don't do anything for me but create a big mess.

This is my all time favorite mascara! It does exactly as it says! It doesn't clump and it separates your lashes individually giving them just enough volume.

awsome really crushes yo clumps

Great mascara if you don't want that heavy look. I have to put on a couple of layers but that doesn't bother me.