Couples Who Eat Together, Stay Together

   By drodriguez  Feb 08, 2011

Did you ever think the question, “Pass the potatoes please?” could bring you and your partner closer together?  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it may be the perfect time to pull up a seat next to your loved one and share a nice meal.

A recent article from USA Today shares some ideas about how the simple act of cooking and eating together can help strengthen your relationship.  Romance novelist, Kate Douglas, talks about her first date she had with her husband at a Cuban restaurant and the fact that his willingness to try exotic new things helped solidify their relationship.  Douglas says that if a couple prepares and/or eats at least one meal together a day they will keep their relationship healthy for years to come.

Douglas believes that just by experiencing the taste of food together a couple can heighten the romance between them. Douglas says, “In sharing a bite of a sandwich, watching someone enjoy the taste of something, the sensual pleasure of taste can transfer over to the sensual pleasure between two people.”

It makes sense that eating together daily can have a positive effect on our relationships since it is the one time a day you can truly focus your attention on your spouse, share thoughts, or simply talk about what you did that day.  Some no-brainer tips to add a little romance to your dinner would be to turn the TV and cell phones off, light some candles, and set the table.  These simple details will help to drown out any distractions and put a spotlight on you and yours during meal time.

Some more tips on how to spice up a special romantic meal are to make a meal you normally wouldn’t prepare together, like a nice breakfast after a date with your partner the night before.  Having a private cocktail party for you and your partner could also be a fun thing to try.  Serve new cocktails you’ve never tried before and make finger foods you can feed to each other.  

Do you think preparing or eating at least one meal a day with your partner could strengthen your relationship?

What types of meal ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day or your next date night?

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skyseed by skyseed | Sarasota, FL
Mar 11, 2011

I totally agree!!! My husband and I have very different schedules, so we don't get to spend a lot of time together, but at least a couple of times a week we meet either for lunch or dinner. I say that food keeps us together!!!

lesliegh by lesliegh | south prairie , WA
Feb 28, 2011

Dinner is the part of my day i cant wait for , i love to cook for my husband , its are special time to our selfs , we love cheese and crackers with a bottle of wine , and it is so easy to clean up , so we can get back to whats importain most......US ..")

fishersonia by fishersonia | TEMECULA, CA
Feb 18, 2011

I love this one! I feel like this is where couples are laking these days. Especially about cooking at home also. There is something special and nurturing about cooking for the family.

chrrrrris by chrrrrris | HOSPERS, IA
Feb 17, 2011

We don't cook together but we do eat together all the time. Lunch and dinner. Great time to catch up and keep up!

girlluvbaby by girlluvbaby | KANSAS CITY, MO
Feb 17, 2011

This is a sweet post and great for Valentine's day, although I'm a few days late. My hubby, kids and I eat together every night. Its great a great time for conversation and bonding.

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Feb 17, 2011

I try to eat with my husband as much as I can! He has a crazy schedule and he normally eats dinner very late.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Feb 17, 2011

Yes! ...and picking new recipes to try and grocery shop togther, especially exploring thr Farmer's Market... one meal makes for a lot of fun adventures and growth.

Von411 by Von411 | El paso, TX
Feb 16, 2011

We always eat dinner together. Keeps us sane...

aly_313 by aly_313 | Saint Peters, MO
Feb 15, 2011

V-Day is our way date out but I've recently starting making meal plans each week. It's great because 1. saves money 2. we eat out less and 3. no more arguing over whose making dinner!

wesill by wesill | WEST CREEK, NJ
Feb 15, 2011

As long as everyone is home in my house, we always eat together. It is time for us to sit down and discuss our day and eat some good food along with it!

dvschic by dvschic | ANAHEIM, CA
Feb 15, 2011

i'm the main cook in the house, but we almost always eat together, with the TV off too, so convo can happen.

tesa33 by tesa33 | GIG HARBOR, WA
Feb 15, 2011

i agree wholeheartedly! we try to eat dinner together every night with our children. it is nourishing to body and soul! if you are stuck for conversation, they have little boxes of conversation starter cards to get everyone talking that you can find...with boys this can be especially good. we want to have a close relationship for ourselves and our children for all our lives & i think every little way to foster this every day is so important.

ledwards by ledwards | Marietta, GA
Feb 15, 2011

I think cooking and eating as a couple is alot of fun. But, what makes it enriching is the talking/communicating, shared ideas, and discussion between the two. Of course, cooking and eating can be fun, but without any communication during this time, it becomes dull. I speak from experience. My husband doesn't like to talk when we have dinner together (just short brief responses to my initiated comments or questions) so there isn't really any bonding going on. But, I think that any activity a couple does together (dancing, walking, cooking, traveling, riding in a car, etc.) that involves quality discussion, sharing of ideas, etc. will bring two people closer together and is critical to making meaningful relationships last.

jennyjen1234 by jennyjen1234 | Verbena, AL
Feb 14, 2011

We do every night. It is a great chance to catch up and relax together.

mcfnevada by mcfnevada | Reno, NV
Feb 14, 2011

Yes, eating together does strengthen the relationship. My boyfriend and I went to dinners and quick lunches on our busy days a couple times a week in the beginning of our relationship and continue today. Tuesday lunches became the norm as a special day for us to spend time together because during the weekday it's almost impossible to sit down and have relaxing "us time." It's romantic to me because we're always looking for somewhere new and have only been to the same place twice (just because it is SO good.) We bond over our palettes and often try new things. We share our foods and sometimes invite friends to join us. Meals in my relationship are a key point to success. It allows us one-on-one time and we both have decided during dinners to put away our smart phones and just focus on us. During the work week lunches that's a little harder to do but I highly recommend doing so in the evenings. Great post, thanks for sharing!