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  • tonyaandmike By  tonyaandmike    

    We love this stuff us it alot!!!!!

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  • Naginya By  Naginya    

    Love this stuff on just about anything! I think I love it more than I should...

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  • frizzyborden By  frizzyborden    

    I love Country Bob's! I know it's an all-purpose sauce, but I use it as barbecue sauce, and I like it better than all other sauces I've tried. It's so good on all of my meat. I also love that they say Jesus is their CEO.

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  • nikmark By  nikmark    

    I love this sauce. Great on pork. They sell it at Sav a Lot for a discounted price. Look for it if you have one in your area.

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  • AprilClemmons By  AprilClemmons    

    Great sauce to have on burgers, steak, chicken, etc. it is a little sweeter than your usual steak sauces, but very good.

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  • baylog2 By  baylog2    

    My family loves Country Bob's!!!!

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  • coach7669 By  coach7669    

    I first tried this product because they give away a full size bottle to try. How awesome is that?!! It gave me the chance to really see if I liked it or not. I loved it. I use it on all kinds of meats now. My husband is an A1 fan but agreed that if A1 is not available that Country Bob's would be his next pick. I like the story behind how it was created. It tastes great. I use it as a marinade and sauce. It is great on the BBQ, in the oven, or on the table. I use it on pork chops, chicken, hamburgers, steaks, ribs, everything!! Excellent all purpose sauce!!

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  • carita1 By  carita1    


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  • susan12c2001 By  susan12c2001    

    I loved this product in Georgia but I can not find it in North Carolina

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    my husband loves this stuff on just about everything!

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  • SheriCarpenter By  SheriCarpenter    

    I was so excited to try this that I couldn't wait until it was burger or steak night lol. Well tonight was finally it. Hubby does all the cooking so he made up his hamburgers with his normal routine and seasonings and then I added the Country Bob's sauce to mine when they were ready to eat! No I have got to say that this is not at all what I was expecting. When I think of steak sauce I think of A1 sauce lol. But this was really much better than A1 I think. It was a little sweeter which really blew me away considering it is gluten free (which is a big thumbs up in my book)!! This sauce was awesome. It tasted great and made the burgers taste even better than they normally do. I liked it so much I even dipped my veggies in the sauce that was left on my plate when the burgers where gone lol. This is defiantly recommended by me to try with your next meal. I am going to try this on pork chops tomorrow night and see how it is on there. I like steak sauce on my chops so I bet this will make them even better!!

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