Costco  Trident Ultimate Fish Sticks

Costco Trident Ultimate Fish Sticks

              Rated #40 in Frozen Foods
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Yummy fish sticks. Very pleasurable fish stick. It has a nice crunchy outside texture and a smooth warm fish filling. I would suggest leaving the fish sticks In the oven or toaster oven for 5 extra minutes. The extra time gives a more golden crunchier texture. For added flavor I dipped my fish sticks in ranch dipping sauce!

Yummy Fish Sticks These are really good compared to other frozen fish sticks. There's a ample amount of fish where it's not a skinny stick that's a hard piece of fish once cooked. The breading is light and not greasy.

Im giving that to my little guy who hates fish, but not that fishsticks! They are made with real fish!

Fish sticks that work for adults, made from full fish fillets. They're thick, moist, and you can see the flakes of fish when you break them up. Really, really yummy. Unfortunately my daughter doesn't like them - "too fishy."