Cooking and Baking with Apples, Part 2

Julie Grice By Julie Grice 10.09.11
Cooking and Baking with Apples, Part 2

Like I said in Part 1, I love going apple picking in the fall. And I love baking and cooking with the bounty of apples I come home with.

We've already looked at the sweet apple recipes, so now let's move on to the savory.

What's your favorite savory apple recipe?

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  • gwenparrish By gwenparrish

    home made apple sauce from fresh picked apples!!! I just chopped, add a little water and a lot of cinnamon, and steam- then mash, cool, eat!!! Yummy!!! EVERYONE loves them!

  • cocoabella By cocoabella

    eight- I am just GREEn that you have your own apple tree!!! WE used to drive up to Cloudcroft-HighRolls NM every fall to go apple picking when my son was young. That was the highlight of our fall season, getting out of the desert and up into the crisp cool mountain air. But then they stopped letting people into the orchards b/c of litigigous reasons. sigh :{ Took all the fun out going 'apple picking'. You could still go to the orhcards, but only walk up to a table and buy a sackful. Bummer.

  • eightozs By eightozs

    We have one apple tree in our backyard, I made apple butter & caramel apples. Wish I had a few more bushels of apples!

  • MomPower By MomPower

    I baked some delicious apple crisp this weekend and it was a hit with my picky eaters! Try for a warm family treat!

  • atkinsan11 By atkinsan11

    I just made some simple baked apples and they made the house smell amazing!

  • happy2 By happy2

    This is my favorite recipes with apples and pralines,

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