Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer with Computer 2 in 1

Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer with Computer 2 in 1

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So far so good. I brought this elliptical to burn calories and to get a good cardio vascular workout with muscle toning features and low impact capabilities. This elliptical seem to do just that. I have been using the Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer 2 in 1 for 2 ?½ weeks now and I have notice some minimum results in the feel of my arms, legs and back. I am very pleased with the physical results in my body in such a small about of time from this product. I donâ?'t have any definition but physically I feel better than I did before. I am more in tone and flexible. The tension resistance knob allows me to adjust my workout for more intensity. The rotating handle bars not only workout my arms, they also improve my shoulders, chest and back when I am sitting using the 2 in 1 as a stationary bike. The long rotating reach while sitting on the stationary bike feature allows for the shoulder and back area to be targeted and at the same time I am also working my thighs, buttocks and lower legs. You really get a great workout using all of these big muscle groups at one time. And this elliptical gets your heart rate going for a good and effective workout. The quality of the Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer 2 and 1 is not bad for the price. I have a high end model in my basement that I had stop using for a while because it is in my basement and my basement tend to get a little cold in the winter. I brought the Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer 2 and 1 because it was small enough to use in my living room when I donâ?'t want to go to my basement. And it works just as good as my high end model. It is durable and pretty sturdy for the price that I paid. However, it does tend to make a bit of noise while I am watching TV. But I just turn my TV up a bit to hear over the noise. The computer function is good and it keeps track of my time and calories. Over all I am pretty please so far. It has only been 2 ?½ weeks of use and I have used it faithfully for that time. For the price and the quality I would definitely recommend this model for those who just want to get a good workout and not have to shovel out a lot of money for a high end model.