America's Test Kitchen The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook: 2001-2011

America's Test Kitchen The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook: 2001-2011

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Good, but some hard to find ingredients A little background: I am always on the hunt for new recipes! I will confess that my ONLY complaint about this particular book, is that some of the ingredients are ones that are difficult to find without shopping at a whole foods store. For me, I was able to substitute some of the ?harder-to-find? ingredients for healthy alternatives that I had already at home! I love that this book contains a wide range of recipes: main dishes, sides, desserts, some breakfasts, etc. The wording and descriptions of the recipe directions is very easy to understand and follow. The book was very well organized and was separated into sections Overall, I give this book a thumbs up! Great recipes, easy to read, and well planned! While each person has a different opinion and experience with every product or purchase, I do my best to provide the most helpful information that I personally experienced from this particular product. I hope this helps you!

I bought this cookbook because my dad watches this show ALL the time. These recipes are great! They have easy and difficult recipes but it's a great cookbook for your collection.

I have not read a Cook's Illustrated cookbook that I didn't love. They are so useful and informative.

This cookbook is great. It is very informative and directions are very detailed and step by step. Recipes are delicious. I also love the kitchen equipment reviews. Great to turn to anytime you need a new recipe.

This is a great cookbook. Any time I want to make something new, its the first source I reach for. They test out several ways to make an item and then explain why certain ways work and why others don't. For example how to make flaky biscuits or how to get the most flavorful gravy.They show various cuts of meat and why certain cuts need to be cooked low & slow and others don't. Its a very educational book even for someone who feels they are an experienced cook.

This is my favorite cookbook and one I return to again and again. Not only do all the recipes turn out well, they give you important tips about why they work. I love all the science behind cooking, and this cookbook delivers. I think this would be a good investment for either a beginner or a more experienced cook. I've used this book twice this week. Once for fluffy, perfect waffles and again for an eye of round roast. The recipes I make the most often are the high-roast chicken with potatoes. A delicious Sunday tradition.

I absolutely love "The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook"! They offer a very basic way of cooking and often times offers substitutions for hard to find items or healthier options with every recipe. They walk you through each recipe, step by step so it makes it completely foolproof. The food is always amazing in taste and texture and it makes a person proud to have made such a yummy tasting dish! This book is a fantastic gift for a new cook or for someone interested in expanding their basic culinary skills. With everything from Appetizers through Dessert, you will not be disappointed from a lack of offerings. Another bonus is their highly respected ingredient and kitchen 'must have' reviews. It helps taking the guess work out of which brand to buy and which ones to absolutely avoid. This is a must have cookbook that should be a staple in every kitchen. For those who enjoy cooking magazines, they have their 2 sister sites (Cooks & Cooks Country) that offer home delivery and are just as fabulous!

I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who cooks, whether a new cook or one who is more experienced in the kitchen. All of the recipes are covered in great detail and the authors, in many cases, explain several different ways the recipe was tried in the test kitchen and why a certain technique works better than others. Many times, substitutions for hard to find ingredients are offered which, in the case of tamarind paste in the excellent Pad Thai recipe, I found to be very helpful. Another feature I found to be a great help are the product reviews. Everything from basic ingredients to cookware is reviewed. The book includes recipes from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. It is a must have, makes an excellant gift, and will not disappoint.

We got this cookbook for Christmas last year as a family gift and we absolutely adore it. The only books we buy to keep our cookbooks, every other book in our house comes from the library. The book's recommendation on ingredients are especially helpful and take the guess work out of selecting between brands at the supermarket. We have made over 150 of the recipes since December 2010 and only one or two of them did we decide not to try again. It is a great basic cookbook with volumes of information in it - you will not be disappointed!

The complete title of this book is "The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook: Every Recipe from the Hit TV Show With Product Ratings and a Look Behind the Scenes, 2001-2011". This cookbook has become one of my favorites. It's a companion to their PBS series, and has all the recipes featured on their show for the past 10 seasons. It's good for people who are still learning how to cook, and offers some good tips and helpful techniques on cooking. It also has a section that recommends ingredients and kitchen equipment. I'm always referring to this cookbook now.