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  • creative By  creative    

    Double Dip Polish

    Double dip polish, it's so easy. Makes your nails like salon nails. I don't to the salon to get my nails done any more. This so much easier and less expensive. You can get a kit for $20.00. and get multiple nail set out of it.

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  • jeannec1 By  jeannec1    

    Finally have Beautiful Nails again!

    I tried these nail polish strips back in June and became hooked. For someone who cannot apply regular liquid nail polish without making a complete mess, these were a life saver. They are so incredibly easy to apply AND they have such beautiful designs and colors. You literally pull off the backing of the strip and put it on the nail. File and your done. No smudging or anything and they are so fast and easy to put on. Now that I am keeping nail polish on my nails, they are finally starting to grow without breaking all of the time. I love having pretty nails again!

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