Color Force Crazy Rich Asians

Color Force Crazy Rich Asians

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Needs a big screen Loved this movie in the theatre. Saw it again at home and wasn't as impressed. It needs the big screen to show off the beauty of Singapore. Awkwafina stole every scene she was in.

Fantastic movie Good acting from the all-Asian cast in a heartwarming movie.

Terrific Entertainment! Such a great movie, I even bought the Blu-ray when that became available. I watch this movie over and over again, it is so funny, so well done, and has such good actors! Especially Awkwafina!

Love this movie Loved this movie nice to see an all Asian cast with wonderful actors.

Amazing movie! One of my favorite movies, they need more movies that show the Asian heritage. My favorite character is Peik Lin Goh, played by Awkwafina, she's hilarious! After watching her in this movie I became a fan and searched for other shows and movies that she is in.

Good movie From what I can remember this movie provided a whole different cultural love circle.

This movie talks about the problems young couple faces in many parts of Asia. I am from India and I can totally relate to this movie because in India marriage is not between two individuals but between two families.

Great movie scene Cute movie but really love love the wedding scene one of the best ones I ever seen on a movie. A must see

Must watch Very cute, funny and lovely movie. It makes you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

Great fun film for the whole family This is a family movie everyone can enjoy. Touching,romantic,funny,silly and awesome cast. Aquafina stole the movie for me. Every scene she was in shined. I love comedies and movies that aren't predictable. It was both. Looking forward to watching the sequel. Movie was well done and acted. Loved it!

Awesome This movie is a great all around chick flick. It has a great main cast, awesome supportive beset friend, great love story, multiple villains , and just a lot of fun heartfelt moments.

Very cute and funny movie. Talks a lot about asian cultures and shows a lot of tasty looking food.

Great movie I absolutely loved this movie. It shows 2 people coming together From different backgrounds and falling in love and overcoming obstacles.

Whimsical We loved this movie. It was funny but had a moral lesson that was relatable.

Cute, Romantic and Fun! I watched this movie while on a flight. It was much better than I expected. It was funny, smart, of course a little predictable, sweet, and sentimental. Everything I love in a romantic storyline! And I'm a sucker for a happy ending!