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Welcome to the Colgate #EveryDropCounts Sharing program!

How The Program Works:

Check out the video!

Pre-approved Tweets to Use- Schedule at least 10 of the Tweets below to go live between Feb 5-8. Please be sure to schedule your Tweets over the entire program period.

#AD Help save water, pledge to turn off the faucet when brushing by using hashtag #EveryDropCounts! @Colgate

#AD Proud to pledge to save water by turning off the faucet because #EveryDropCounts. RT to pledge! @Colgate

#AD Share hashtag #EveryDropCounts to show your pledge to turn off the faucet when brushing! @Colgate

#AD @Colgate I pledge to turn off the faucet to save water-who's with me? We’re in it together #EveryDropCounts

#AD How many of you will turn off the faucet to save water? Show me by sharing w/ hashtag #EveryDropCounts

#AD Save 4 gal of water every time you brush, just turn off the faucet! RT to make the pledge #EveryDropCounts

#AD Challenge ur fam & friends to pledge to turn of the faucet. Tweet to them now w/ hashtag #EveryDropCounts

#AD Join @CoachJim4UM & turn off the faucet! Make your pledge now by sharing w/ hashtag #EveryDropCounts

#AD Kids having a sleepover? Teach them to turn off the faucet, make ur pledge & share hashtag #EveryDropCounts

Tweets only for after commercial spot airs: Bitly will link to YouTube video

#AD I saw the #TheBigGame @Colgate video & I pledge to turn off the faucet! Who's w/ me? #EveryDropCounts

#AD Missed The Big Game @Colgate video? Watch here & make your pledge using hashtag #EveryDropCounts

Share on Facebook:

Share at least one time on Facebook. Feel free to repurpose one of the Tweets above to share on Facebook. If you would like to write your own Facebook post, please follow the guidelines below:

If you have any questions, please email us at