Colgate Colgate Total Advanced pro-shield mouthwash

Colgate Colgate Total Advanced pro-shield mouthwash

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85% Recommended
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Works great This works really well. It does it's job with no problem.

Leaves mouth feeling fresh and clean. And there's burning feeling after like other mouthwashes! great product!!

Minty fresh I love this mouthwash. Kills germs, fresh breath & healthy gums, all without the burn.

very refreshing, and good for a couple of hours . its my favorite.

This made my mouth feel so clean, the taste is super refreshing!

I always keep a travel size of this on business trips. Good for freshening up your breath quickly after lunch!

Colgate you did it again! Not only the refreshing feel and taste after use my teeth has been whiter than ever.

Its okay, could improve i don't feel it cleanse's my mouth

I can't quite put my finger on what the Polar Freshmint tastes like but certainly not mint! It's almost a bubble gum flavor. I'm glad I was able to get this free with a combo of sale and coupons because I would be returning it otherwise. I will continue to use it since it's not unbearable but I do prefer Listerine Healthy White. On the plus side after using it for a week I found it did whiten my teeth a shade or two! I was quite surprised but then again I trust Colgate products. I have been using Colgate toothpaste for about 40 years!

I'm not sure what it is, but I don't exactly like this brand. It almost has a stickiness to it and my mouth feels more like I swished around a mouthful of watered down toothpaste than mouth-wash. Listerine has a total care version that I like a ton more.

While there are other mouthwashes that top this one, still two stars because it works like a charm.

leaves mouth refreshing

My new go-to mouthwash...Twice the clean without the sting! Isn't too pricey and makes my mouth feel super clean up to hours later! I very much recommend!

This is the best mouthwash I have tried yet. It is so super fresh, taste like real peppermint and is not harsh like other mouthwashes with Alcohol. Really the best. I love it!