Coldplay Viva la Vida

Coldplay Viva la Vida

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I absolutely LOVE their music! To me it's so relaxing:0

LUV THEM---They r are always great- have to get the newest Cd yet

Great singers, music, songs, and variety. Listen to it over and over.

I love love love Coldplay. Have all of there CD's. I don't prefer one over the other I like them all equally.

I love this cd--I don't think Viva La Vida is the best song on it, even though that's the song everyone hears the most. Another great cd by Coldplay!

their best album yet, no wonder it won a bazillion grammy's, definitely a must have on your ipod

This is one of those cds that you are not disappointed in because the song you bought it for is the only one you can listen to on it. Most people bought this cd for "Viva La Vida" yet all the songs are equally creative and are great to listen to.

I bought this cd for my husband for christmas, and we both can't stop listening. They are coming to concert in Florida this summer, and I'm buying tickets for my husband for his birthday!!!