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  • ivaldivia By  ivaldivia    

    Coffee mate is the best. And the holiday creamers are always a staple in my home, especially this one. Just gives my coffee that extra- ness I need for the day!

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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    

    Love this holiday flavor! It has a wonderful blend so it's not overpowering and goes perfectly with my favorite coffees.

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  • kjhwriter By  kjhwriter    

    If pumpkin spice creamer is the taste of fall, then Coffee-Mate's peppermint mocha creamer is the taste of winter. It definitely is a favorite holiday creamer of mine and my family.

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  • oregongirl420 By  oregongirl420    

    peppermint mocha

    This is my creamer I drink during the holiday season, this is a seasonal creamer so as soon as I see it on the shelves I instantly buy it! Super creamy and if you love peppermint then this is for you.

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  • bren6964 By  bren6964    

    i cant wait till this come back out,i love this creamer

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  • Vimtuous By  Vimtuous    

    I wait all year for this creamer to come around. It's easily my favorite flavor that they offer. Perfectly pepperminty in every way!

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  • xolorey By  xolorey    

    This is my go-to Holiday Creamer, after Pumpkin Spice! These two are my LIFE during the end of the year months! The peppermint and mocha are perfectly balanced so neither flavor overpowers the other! It's like drinking candy that isn't too sweet! YUM!

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  • Cyrus_momma By  Cyrus_momma    

    If anyway possible could they please make a 50 gallon drum of this stuff and sell it year around and if they were to do that I would definitely buy a few of them at a time. I love the taste and the flavor is amazing and it doesn't over power the taste of the coffee and that's a good thing. I am definitely a fan!

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  • PNichols By  PNichols    

    one of my favorite coffee creamers! So happy that they sell it year round now! its like Christmas in a cup!

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  • cmiller0408 By  cmiller0408    

    I love to drink this flavor year round!! Here is a little trick too.... put just a little in the kid's milk for a little breakfast treat. It is also great in hot chocolate!

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  • Perfecttester101 By  Perfecttester101    

    So delicious! Puts me in a wintery Christmas mood at anytime of the year. A must try !!

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  • WinWithCindy By  WinWithCindy    

    Coffeemate is so delicious and I love the natural bliss one the best!

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  • tyjack By  tyjack    

    Love the peppermint flavor.It adds an extra special hint of flavor without taking away from the rich,coffee taste.

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  • ThePeppermintHeart By  ThePeppermintHeart    

    This has to be one of my favorite coffee creamers of all time. It turns an ordinary cup of coffee into a delicious treat! I especially love it around the holidays, but I still love to use it all year long!

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  • dlwright By  dlwright    

    Delicious! Coffee mate is my favorite brand of creamer...this flavor just became a new favorite as well :) Perfect for winter time!

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