Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Biscotti Creamer

Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Biscotti Creamer

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This was very tasty , ladies and gentlemen you will absolutely love the flavor of this one and they also have different one too so try it today you can get this product at any major retail store I personally get it at Walmart just because of the price, so try it today!

I am not a fan of this, I like hazelnut in my coffee, but I thought the biscotti part added a funky taste to this. I prefer plain hazlenut

I thoroughly enjoyed this flavor. I drink coffee every day and multiple times too. I really like mocha's so being able to add flavor to my coffee helps me save money and my husband from taking me there. HA!

While I love the taste of all of the coffee-mate creamers,I still have a huge problem with the hydrogenated oils. Because of that ingredient,I will never purchase coffee-mate :( If that changes,however........

This is best brand ever I usually dont like coffee but with this I love my coffee.

I never used to like the taste of coffee but started drinking it for the "energy boost". I'm more of a mocha or chocolate coffee drinker and so i've found that Coffee Mate has perfect creamers for me! When I want to switch up the flavors, Coffee Mate has a nice selection. I would recommend Coffee Mate and any of the flavors they offer to anyone that likes to add a little finess to their coffee! It's deelish!

I love coffee mate It's the only creamer I use!!! I will have to try this flavor! I like french vanilla and chocolate.

I love all these hazlenut....and this is no exception! Creamy and delicious!

I love this stuff! It tastes delicious. I would have given it five stars except the extra calories are not good for me. lol! Yeah, blame the product... Seriously, I tried to go back and change to five stars and it wouldn't let me.

Oh, what do we drink coffee for??? The CoffeMate Creamer, of course!!! To me, CoffeeMate is like kids - How can you choose between 'em (the flavors, that is) when you love all of them??!!

I like coffee mate,but I really like hazelnut. Yum!

I love coffee mate , but hazelnut ......I do not care for at all.

Love Coffee-Mate! The hazelnut is outstanding!

I have tried other brands. Coffee-Mate surpasses them all in my opinion. It has a nice texture, not dry like the others. The flavor is wonderful! I love hazelnut and even the original. I give Coffee-Mate a high 5.

We always have Coffee-Mate creamers in our home! On holidays or with coupons, we get several flavors. I find them comforting and between drinking Coffee-Mate creamer in my coffee, I love to hold my mug with both hands up to my face so I can smell it. Coffee-Mate creamers give me a warm, cosy feeling, an aroma therapy- like, peaceful "place" to go to, and price-wize, is within our very tight budget!