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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    Not a big fan of putting chocolate in my coffee, a friend had some of this and talked me into trying it. It didn't overwhelm the coffee and was very creamy. I would buy this to have on hand for my next chocolate fix and have recommended it to friends.

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  • nanaof4n1 By  nanaof4n1    


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  • LadyDeathy2k By  LadyDeathy2k    

    Very good creamier . would recommend to others for there creamier needs. Only thing I could say that was not so good is dont add sugar . creamier is sweet and if you add sugar it will be overly sweet.

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  • petroke By  petroke    

    This is my all-time favorite coffee creamer. I think the mocha is a bit too chocolatey and disguises the taste, this adds just the right amount of flavor!

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  • tnshadylady By  tnshadylady    

    Coffee Mate has long been the favorite creamer for coffee drinkers who prefer cream and sugar. But the new flavors take Coffee Mate to a whole new dimension of taste! If you've never tried flavored coffee creamers before, Belgian Chocolate Toffee is the perfect one to start with. Who doesn't love chocolate! The texture is so rich and creamy, still the same old Coffee Mate you know and love, but with the addition of sweet chocolate flavor to take your coffee from drab to dynamite. And with just a hint of sweetness, you can skip the sugar. Coffee Mate flavored creamers make perfect gifts for coffee lovers!

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  • jsalam By  jsalam    

    RGE best creamer I've had - made mu hubby who always drink his coffee black convert and start using UP MYYYY creamer!! :)

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  • erin4680 By  erin4680    

    this is one of my top favorite creamer flavors! I love that it comes in powder since thats what i use at work. Wish more of the coffeemate came in powder. Love it!

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  • tweetylover1972 By  tweetylover1972    

    Love this Coffee mate Belgian Chocolate Toffee creamer it taste good you can taste chocolate in it.I add it to my tea.

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  • MomOf2Turds By  MomOf2Turds    

    This particular creamer comes in both liquid and powder form. It is a wonderful flavor to add to your coffee. It makes it creamy and a hint chocolately, but it doesn't totally overwhelm the flavor of the coffee. I use this in almost every cup of coffee that I make at home. It is absolutely delicious!

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