Coca Cola My Coke Rewards

Coca Cola My Coke Rewards

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I don't drink the bottles just the can. Rewards are for bottles only right?!

love this

I drink coke about three times a day. I'm obsessed with this refreshing drink. I love everything about it. I drink a big glass with ice every night before bed. I know it's a little much, but I'm addicted. I have a coke and a smile.

I love coke. It's my favorite soft drink. It's flavor it better than that other brand.Taste great on ice.

Coke is a classic and can be used in other ways than just drinking like making bbq sauce! My family loves their products and the rewards are great too!

save codes and earn products.

If you drink Coca Cola products, this is something you should look into ASAP. You can get rewarded for entering the codes from the products you buy.

I absolutely LOVE Coke rewards. I have been a member for years and have been able to get a lot of nice things by saving rewards. My favorite thing to get through coke rewards is more free coke! Coke rewards is a really nice site to play sweeps or save up for something cool. The only thing negative I can say about it is that you have a weekly max to points now. In the past, you could enter up to 120 points a day and now it's per week. That aspect kind of sucks because it takes SO long to save up now. Other than that, if you love coke products, this site is for you.

Love coca cola

loce coka cola!

My Coke Rewards is great. Its always a plus to get perks for purchasing items. I use to be more involved in My Coke Rewards. I earned a lot points and redeemed the for magazines, coupons, and entries for contests. (Never won any contests and I have used hundreds of points entering them thou.) However I do find it a bit boring and annoying as it can be time consuming and hard to read the codes.

Love the taste.

I already drink coke so I is nice to get a bonus. just enter codes and get magazine subscriptions, coke products or many other great gifts.

Awesome- get rewarded for something I'm already doing- it's a no brainer! I don't drink that much soda but points add up, especially around holidays or when I have parties & buy a lot of soda. I have gotten several free magazine subscriptions throughout the years.

I love coca cola and there rewards