Coca-Cola Calls on New Flavor Creators for a Chance to Win $10,000

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 06, 2019

Alice Gao

If you’ve ever gotten creative at the soda fountain, mixing up a concoction using multiple flavors than you’ll probably be interested to hear that this type of ingenuity could win you $10,000. Coca-Cola recently announced a novel contest they are hosting that challenges soda drinkers to create unique flavors at the fountain for a chance to win.

CNBC reports about the flavor making contest taking place on social media that will ultimately be judged by the public. The “Make Your Mix” contest announced by Coca-Cola requires contestants to use one of their 50,000 Freestyle soda fountains that are located across the country (locator is here) to make their unique soda recipe.

Contestants are required to mix together 2 to 3 beverages out of the close to 200 offered to create a new flavor. Choices of beverages are not all bubbly sodas, there are also juices and Dasani waters to choose from. After creating the new drink, the contestant can then upload a pic and description to Twitter or Instagram and include the hashtag #MakeYourMixContest by June 30th.

Coca-Cola says before coming up with the idea for the contest, they noticed people were already coming up with their own beverage recipes using the Freestyle machines and talking about it on social media. Director of Coca-Cola Freestyle marketing Sarah Greenberg Sachs explains, “We just really wanted to reward consumers for doing something that they’re already doing, being creative, experimenting and mixing the brands they love.”

Do you ever mix beverages at the soda fountain?

Will you be entering this Coca-Cola contest?

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n7nickys7n by n7nickys7n | overland park, KS
Jun 10, 2019

I just get Peach Minute Maid every time. The only mixing I did was half regular, half light when they ran out of one of the flavors.

slchelig by slchelig | MILWAUKEE, WI
Jun 10, 2019

cherry sprite!

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Jun 08, 2019

Absolutely. (But of the pre-made mixes I'm liking the Coca Cola Vanilla Orange).

Djknapp91 by Djknapp91 | CARTERSVILLE, GA
Jun 08, 2019

I love to mix my coke with orange fanta it is a great mix I love the drink and so far everyone I let it try loved it would be great to put it in the stores

lughead13 by lughead13 | SCHWENKSVILLE, PA
Jun 07, 2019

Mango strawberry!

MickeyBoss97 by MickeyBoss97 | TRACY, CA
Jun 07, 2019

Definitely going to the nearest McDonalds to make my drink

BellaMadison by BellaMadison | RICHMOND, ME
Jun 07, 2019

Omg yes! Creamsicle or Strawberey Daquiri!

CEOMOM by CEOMOM | San francisco, CA
Jun 06, 2019

my 10 yr old daughter lizzie said cotton candy cola

CEOMOM by CEOMOM | San francisco, CA
Jun 06, 2019

How about a Mango Coke and Strawberry cola.