Cobra Starship Hot Mess

Cobra Starship Hot Mess

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Love Coba starship My favorite album by them off the charts they don't disappoint absolutely genius I never get tired of this one Coba starship is my go to CD puts me in a good mood

This album is really upbeat and fun! The title track "Hot Mess" is hilarious and irresistible.

My daughter introduced me to Gabe and the guys back in 2009, Good Girls Go Bad had hit the airwaves and I was hooked. Very good cd, the guys put on great shows and are pretty cool to meet. That alone has effect on a cd sale, no matter how "poppy"

He's amazing and I listen to these songs all the time.

Amazing. I love cobra starship. I could listen to them all day long.

This cd is overall pretty good. The best songs on this album are...nice guys finish last, Good Girls Go Bad (my favorite), You're not in on the joke, and Hot Mess. But over all this album is really fun and danceable. :)

I thought this album was going to be too "pop" to be Cobra, but I can not stop listening to it! Every song on the album fits perfectly. My favorite song on the album so far is "Nice Guys Finish Last". Fangs up! (I can see myself in one of the pictures on the album. It's the picture of the crowd at Bamboozle.)