Clothing Swaps: An Eco-Friendly Fashion Forward Trend

   By drodriguez  Nov 19, 2011

Isn’t it nice when something is both friendly to your wallet as well as the environment? A recent SheSpeaks poll finds that women everywhere are catching on to the perks of taking part in “clothing swaps” with nearly 45% of us saying we have exchanged clothing with friends.

Many women even make a party out of it, asking friends to bring items from their wardrobe that they are willing to trade for “new -to-you” pieces. By attending or hosting a clothing swap you can meet new friends, enhance your wardrobe, save some cash, and reduce your footprint all in one evening. And you don’t have to feel guilty if there are leftovers since it has become common practice to donate all of the unwanted clothing and accessories to charity.

But what if you haven’t been invited to one of these clothing swap soirees or you want more variety than what your five friends are offering up from their wardrobes? Don’t fret, many communities are now organizing larger swaps open to the public.

Generally, these community swaps require participants to pay a small fee (under $20) and bring a bag of their no-longer-wanted clothing. Once inside you can choose from a wide array of clothing, which often includes high-end designer fashions.

Stylist Kaarin Moore is quoted in a recent Washingtonian post explaining how to navigate your way through a community-organized swap. Moore advises shoppers, “If your focus is too narrow, you miss the serendipity of it all. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to push your style forward in a really low-hassle way.”

Have you ever taken part in a private or community-organized clothing swap?

Tell us about your experiences with clothing swaps!

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