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  • darkgoddess718 By  darkgoddess718    

    Clorox Toilet Want works like magic

    I love this product. So easy to use & dispose of. You attach the cleaning pad to the stick, clean & release the pad into garbage. Easy peasy. You don't have to get fac to face with the toilet to clean it, Clorox leaves you toilet clean

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  • lovenlife By  lovenlife    

    Good disposable Product

    Love this wand for the toilet, it cleans and is very user-friendly no cleaning of the wand, just dispose of it when done. Good product.

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  • dmartz3428 By  dmartz3428    

    Great product!

    This is a great product. I use it quite often in our home. It is not too expensive and it works just like it should. I definitely recomend trying it out.

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  • adeina88 By  adeina88    

    I love how easy this is to use and how great it cleans.

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  • Rpeeples By  Rpeeples    

    They clean very well. I?m glad that I don?t have to put my hand in the toilet anymore!!!

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  • Cannon_fire92 By  Cannon_fire92    


    I really love this product. It is super effective and really helps to cut down that yucky puddle from traditional toilet bowl cleaners. I wish the refills were a little less expensive but overall the price isn't too bad for how well this product works.

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  • valentta By  valentta    

    Super simple to clean toilets switch.

    Man this makes me want to clean my toilet bowls all the time . For real! So easy and simple and the best is your hands don?t get dirty....eew

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  • reviewpro423 By  reviewpro423    

    Good Toilet Cleaner, Flawed Design

    I use this in my home daily to clean the toilet bowls. The disposable head is GREAT at getting into tight spaces in the bowl like under the rim where the mold grows, and it smells fantastic. That being said, I?ve deducted 2 stars because the disposable head falls off of the wand WHILE CLEANING! It happened to me and the head went into the drain of the toilet and I had to purchase a toilet ?snake? to remove it.

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  • bubblegumpop By  bubblegumpop    

    I was excited about this product .First off the upside to this product is it makes a hard job easy , it did clean well. Until it fell off into the bowl before I was even finished .Yeah so it cant be flushed had to pull it out of the toilet to throw away. I am all for buying refills if they stay on the wand .

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  • tdalton83 By  tdalton83    

    Game changer

    Ahhhh...I am so glad I don't have to put my hand in the toilet!

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  • Heatheredorsey By  Heatheredorsey    

    Makes toilet cleaning easy with a disposable head so you never have to worry about a nasty toilet brush again

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  • Sousafam12 By  Sousafam12    

    Love love this product. You never have to touch the cleaning product just push down clicks in place. Scrubber is like a gentle Brillo pad. And when you are finished press the button and release into trash. Makes this mama's day a little easier.

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  • LatinMama By  LatinMama    

    Clorox Toilet Wands is a MUST HAVE in my home. Is the only way I can get my teenagers to tackle their respective toilets. It's simple, you can stored it right next to the potty, it cleans very well, and hello! it's CLOROX so you know it WILL kill all those germs! I would recommend these product to all my family, friends and all the people I come across...give it a try, it is phenomenal!

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  • xoxodragonfly By  xoxodragonfly    

    I do like these but I wish that the cleaning end would be able to be flushed. When you are done cleaning with it and you go to throw it out it drips all over unless you hold a paper towel of something to catch the drips.

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  • eaguide By  eaguide    

    As a young professional and part-time student, I don't have much time to devote to cleaning my bathroom. This product makes getting my toilet bowl sparkling clean QUICK incredibly easy; I am honestly not sure how I lived for so long without it! The price of the refills and the way that the cleaning pads tend to stick together are cons for me, especially since I don't like to touch cleaning products, but this is one cleaning tool that I love using and will use for years to come.

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