Clorox Green Works Natural Glass Cleaner

Clorox Green Works Natural Glass Cleaner

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I don't like the smell and it doesn't seem to clean very well.

I purchased this because of the name and the green effect. I was not disappointed. There are better products but overall I felt this was very good and cost wise was more savings friendly.

The real trick to using this stuff is to use a stiffer paper towel or old newspaper (weird but it works) and some extra elbow grease to beat the streaks. I like the idea of an all natural glass cleaner but I think that it could be better. I like to use old towels and rags for cleaning (more eco-friendly) but can't use them well with this product. I think for now I will stick with the Windex until the product improves.

I use it to spot mop my floors as well as on the glass. Use newspaper with it for a streak free shine on glass and mirrors. I use it with my microfiber mop on my spanish tile floors for a quick clean up. I just mist it and run the mop over it. Dries instantly and no film.

I love this cleans perfect without streaking and best of all it doesnt have a nasty smell where u got to run out the room or open the windows afterwords..and i paid less for it..great product and if we do some for the nature sold

This product worked well for me.

I really wanted to love this product - because I have been trying to be greener - but I found this product to be terrible! Left streaking - the mirrors looked horrible. I now use water and a microfiber cloth or good old Windex.

When using this product. I never had to strain myself to make it streak free. I found cheap paper towels at Kroger and used them.

Interesting, I used Bounty on my windows. I did say it took extra time to wipe the windows clean.